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Recent Articles

Celebrities breastfeeding help normalise nursing in public.
August 07, 2014

Celebrities breastfeeding, despite being under the scrutiny of the public eye, provide mums with a positive role model for normalising breastfeeding. Find out which celebrity mums have breastfed their children and more discussion on this week's excitement over the photos of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding in Glamour magazine.

Plus last chance reminder on how to enter our #breastfeeding giveaway to win one of two breastfeeding reminder brooches! 

Breastfeeding story share: when nursing comes to a close
August 06, 2014
Today’s breastfeeding story-share highlights the lovely quiet bonding time that exists when nursing and the emotional impact of when you stop breastfeeding your last child.
Breastfeeding story share: moral support across the generations
August 05, 2014
In support of #WBW today's story share covers child led weaning and importance of breastfeeding support. Plus a reminder on how to enter our fabulous breastfeeding reminder brooch giveaway in support of WBW2014!
Breastfeeding: Anytime and Everywhere by Hayley James
August 04, 2014
How one mother's blasé attitude towards breastfeeding allowed her to face situations without concern and succeed in breastfeeding anytime and everywhere. Plus details of our Breastfeeding Reminder Brooch giveaway during World Breastfeeding Week 2014!