Mother & Baby Awards, Charlotte Keating Nursing Top Shortlisted in the Best Product for Breastfeeding Category.

December 17, 2013

Mother and Baby Awards, Charlotte Keating Nursing Top Shortlisted in the Best Product for Breastfeeding Category.

"ooh I didn't know you had won those awards" said an expectant mum to me recently upon seeing our framed awards sat on the studio desk. So we've made them a little more obvious on our website. We're proud of them. They celebrate and reward us for producing well thought out designs that are indeed made to a high standard with accurate nursing access and flattering fit.

Mother and Baby magazine is the pregnancy and parenting magazine for modern mothers. They hail it as “essential reading for today’s smart, savvy, style-conscious modern mother” and “the UK’s Number 1 Pregnancy and Baby Magazine”.

The annual Mother&Baby Awards celebrates the very best products, stores and brands around. Products are tested by an army of mums whose verdicts help decide just who deserves to get the coveted gold, silver and bronze rosettes.

We submitted our Effortless Scoop Neck Two-in-One Nursing Top and it beat many other brands to become shortlisted in the Best Product for Breastfeeding Category. We didn't win this award however we are proud to be runners up to the winners who should be commended for the essential
role they play in establishing good breastfeeding and give us the opportunity to provide mums with clothes specifically designed for breastfeeding.

Here is what one of the Mother& Baby award testers had to say about our nursing top:
“I love the feel and look of the top and the fact that it is very much fit for purpose. I would quite happily invest in more of the range as it is not fiddly or difficult to feed and the fact that it is fashionable and nobody would notice that it is not just a regular top. It fits really well and made me feel human again and very feminine, not just a milking machine.” Anonymous

We'll share more feedback from the rest of the testers who reviewed our products over the next few weeks in our Feel Good Friday Review Blog Posts.

The top three awards were given to these products:
GOLD Emma-Jane Next Generation Nursing Bra
SILVER Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
BRONZE Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers

We highly recommend Lansinoh Lanolin for applying to nipples from the start of breastfeeding to prevent chapped or sore skin. This helps with the initial discomfort that can sometimes occur as you concentrate on creating a good latch and finding a comfortable position that supports baby's head and doesn't cause baby to drag on the breast. Simply lather on and there is no need to wipe off before feeding.

These disposable breastpads by Lansinoh are extremely comfortable, prevent leaks, don't rustle, stay put with their adhesive tape backing and should be disposed of when wet to avoid moisture that can cause infection or thrush to set in. We like these as a disposable option, great for throwing in your handbag when you're out. At home we prefer the washable breastpads for a softer feel and their reusability.

A good nursing bra should never be underestimated as your breasts can increase up to 4 cup sizes whilst nursing. During pregnancy your ribs and pelvis expand to met the demands of hosting a growing baby, but as your rib cage reduces back to it's original position over time post birth, you will need to be remeasured for new bras. The Next Generation Nursing Bra by Emma Jane is supposed to accommodate these physical fluctuations however, we find that finding the appropriate bust support in a bra is such a personal decision that we couldn't possibly comment on this particular brand either way.

Once you've got these three basics in order, you'll wish dress yourself in some comfortable breastfeeding clothing like our award winning nursingwear range. With accurate nursing access and flattering fit, you'll be sure to love our super pretty Effortless Scoop Neck Nursing Top with Lush frill on the neckline and lift-up feeding access for ultimate discretion when breastfeeding.  

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