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Hospital Maternity Bag Checklist

Hospital Maternity Bag Checklist

March 22, 2015

Maternity hospital bag checklist - comprehensive list of what to pack for labour to ensure you have all essentials for you and baby. 

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For babywear which is as individual as your little one - feel good Friday review... sharing our customers reviews with you so you can make informed choices from our product range.

November 29, 2013

"These are the cutest little outfits for baby. Adorable designs in bright colours, they're great for everyday wear and make the perfect gift." Eloise Key, Oxon. 

Our feel good Friday review focuses on babywear this week... sharing our customers reviews with you so you can make informed choices from our product range.

"The gecko appliqué bodysuits and bibs that I had for my son (age 0-18 months) were not only extremely comfortable and of excellent quality but were also stylish and stood out from my other items." Kate Jefferyes, Oxford.

To see our full range of babywear which is as unique as your little one, visit our baby page

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10 essentials for creating a blissful baby bath & bedtime routine

November 28, 2013

It's known that establishing a restful routine at bath time will ease your baby into a peaceful sleep. So from our own experience as mums, we've created a list of firm favourites for a blissful bath time and bedtime routine so that baby is ready to snuggle down for their last feed before drifting off to dreamland...

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Baby bodysuits and bibs by Charlotte Keating ENGLAND : as individual as your baby

November 27, 2013

Baby bodysuits and bibs made to a high quality and machine appliquéd by hand so that each item is as individual as your baby.  They make the perfect little baby gift especially at this time of year. Treat a little one to a new babygro and put a smile on your face every time you glance down. Brighten up your day with our super cute appliqué bodysuits and bibs with a choice of a dragonfly, frog, gecko, ladybird, hummingbird, bird or butterfly from our wild flower pond life collection!

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