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what makes us special

"Breastfeed with ease, nurse in style"

Designed in the UK with uncompromised style and function at its core, our boutique nursingwear range offers mothers the ability to feel comfortable and confident whilst feeding their little ones.

Born from a desire to create stunning pieces so that mothers can breastfeed with ease, every item in the range has been thoughtfully designed with well-placed nursing access and modesty panels for discreet feeding.

Not only will mothers feel happy in the knowledge that they can breastfeed with confidence, but by using only luxury fibres that are natural, supple and washable, they can rest assured that they will look great and be super comfy too!

With an understanding of breastfeeding and practical designs at the heart of every piece, the affordable boutique nursing range will have mothers relaxed and feeling great. 

Our ethos is to make life easier for new mums breastfeeding without being confined to the home. Helping to boost mums’ confidence, redefine their style & easily nurse their babies on demand with a  flattering range of nursingwear & nursing nightwear.

Designed for nursing, fits through pregnancy.

What makes us special?

Love of breastfeeding and attention to the details that matter to nursing mums - like well placed nursing access, modesty panels for more discreet feeding when needed, built in shelf bra for good support, generous fit on the bust, flattering fit on the tummy and hips, longer length. 

Our fabrics are natural, supple, stretchy, washable and long lasting which skim rather than cling. We design for breastfeeding but garments can be worn throughout pregnancy too as they will stretch and bounce back to their original shape. 

Read more here where we explain special features, nursing access and what to look for when buying good breastfeeding clothes.

It's all in the detail from the ribbon hung swing ticket to the satin edged neckline.

Luxury nursingwear at affordable prices. Helping new mum's feel special. 


Gift Wrapping & Free Delivery

Every order is beautifully gift wrapped in our signature hummingbird tissue, sealed with our hummingbird sticker and mailed in our gorgeous speckled egg printed biodegradable mailing sacs. Free delivery comes as standard on orders over £20 to addresses in the UK with the option of a speedier delivery. 

Designer Ethos


Charlotte designs from the experience of being a nursing mum who believes breastfeeding clothing should be stylish, comfortable, discreet and easy to use. Her many years in the fashion industry ensures she has the knowledge and practical skills for designing well thought through, well functioning products.

Read more about her own experiences below...

Environmental & Ethical Responsibility

Designed in Britain and Made in Portugal to achieve a high quality finish at affordable prices. We believe it's our responsibility to be ethically and environmentally conscious. Accordingly our goods are produced in Portugal adhering to a strict moral code with regards to labour & working conditions. Our carbon footprint is minimized by keeping the whole production within the same locality - from pattern grading to textile design to manufacture to packaging. Although it costs us a little more to produce here, we believe the end product is worth it - for the benefit of the workers, the environment and the quality and longevity of the clothes which can be passed on from one mother to another or used again breastfeeding siblings. 

Behind the Brand

Nursingwear designer Charlotte

Designer/ Director Charlotte

Charlotte Keating ENGLAND was originally founded in 2001 as a high end womenswear clothing company and couture bridal wear. In 2008 Charlotte gave birth to her daughter who she breastfed for14 months. Disappointed with the impractical, unflattering and often malfunctioning nursingwear available on the market, she was inspired to create her own range of breastfeeding clothes which fulfilled her wishes as a nursing mum.

Breastfeeding presents many challenges, and these challenges change as your baby grows and their demands evolve. Award-winning designer Charlotte Keating enables women to look and feel great by wearing purpose-made clothing that helps, not hinders, breastfeeding as part of a normal busy life:

"Every baby is different and as a mum of two breastfed babies, I've experienced and overcome most of these issues."

"As a new mum, breastfeeding does not always come naturally – it takes time and practice and the last thing you need is to worry about breastfeeding in public because you might show some flesh."

"After having my first baby, I searched in vain for good quality, purpose-made clothing. However, I was not willing to compromise on the fit or buy clothes with inappropriate access for nursing."

"I specialised in designing custom-made bridal gowns as a career, and I just knew there must be women like me who wanted to wear clothes that made them look good, and enable them to breastfeed discreetly and easily.  So I set about developing a range of nursing tops for myself."

"These first designs properly fitted my post-natal body, my larger bust, my extra padding on the hips and tummy, were comfortable but classic enough to wear with skirt, shorts or jeans; it was so liberating.  Everything I learned through developing and testing my designs have been applied to my designs today. My designs are feminine, provide easy nursing access and made of natural fibre for comfort and to ensure they are easy to launder. They contain an element of stretch so that my tops don’t lose their shape and they also disguise the shape of breast-pads!"

Soon after launching her company, Charlotte Keating’s designs won the Rattles to Riches Award at the baby show for trade and she has not looked back as she explains:

"Winning the award gave me the confidence I needed to take the next step selling to boutiques as well as larger providers including the NCT. I love designing clothing for real women and to enable them to have confidence in their body and, as I am passionate about the importance of breastfeeding, to build their confidence in breastfeeding in public."

"Our bestselling item is currently our Sweetheart Nursing Tee as it is so flexible; it can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down with jeans. Whereas the Soft Scoop Vest was the item I could not do without when I was breastfeeding my second child. It is so easy to use and can be layered over the colder months, paired with shorts, jeans or skirts, worn in bed without a bra, dressed up or dressed down!"

"I love getting feedback and reviews from women who say I have helped them to do this and I am continually inspired by breastfeeding mums and the people I work with. I have an amazing team working with me now. The people I work with to make my clothing is run by an amazing strong woman who breast-fed her children. It makes it so much easier when you can rely on real craftsmen who understand how important that is. Plus, we only ever use breastfeeding mums to model our nursing wear; I design for real women and so it is important to me that our models are real women too. In fact, we are currently working with some of our customers and social media ladies to involve them in the design of our new range of dresses. They are sharing the styles and prints they like and in doing so, they are not only helping us to shape our collection to their needs, but will also benefit from some of our products as our way of saying thank you!"

Like to find out more?
We update our Pinterest boards with tons of style guides to help savvy mums shop and update their wardrobe using our staple range combined with the latest fashion trends.

Interested in taking part in a dress design panel? email: info@charlottekeating.com with the subject title "design panel".

Would you like to review our products for your blog, magazine or to post in a forum? email: info@charlottekeating.com with the subject title "product review".


"This was definitely one of my favourite feeding tops as I found it very easy to manipulate the top and position my baby with no difficulty. Due to the material lifting up I never felt exposed. The top is very pretty and feminine and also very comfortable to wear. It can be worn for casual or more formal occasions. It certainly made breastfeeding much more enjoyable as I felt relaxed about feeding anywhere." Roslynn Watson

"The material of this top is so soft, which makes it fit beautifully and so comfortable to wear. I found it really easy to use, which made me so much more confident about breast feeding in public. I would recommend getting this top in a couple of colours as it has become an everyday essential for me." Alice Morgan

"I love this dress as it is so easy to wear and versatile. I have worn it dressed up for a more 'dressy' do but it works equally well with boots and a cardi for just going out and about. You can feed really discreetly and easily when wearing it and it also hangs incredibly well. This is my second baby so I have more of a cake than muffin top this time round but this dress is very flattering and just skims over the bulges. It is certainly a piece of clothing that I imagine I'll be wearing long after I stop breast feeding." Sarah Livingston

"Love love love this top! Makes breastfeeding 'on the go' really easy and very discreet - now I can feed my little man wherever and whenever he demands it and no-one even notices. Not only is it very functional it looks great on too!" Angela Harper

"I love this dress. It is made from lovely material which hangs well, is cool and comfortable. As you would expect with a new baby it has been washed umpteen times and thrown in the dryer too. It doesn't even need ironing which is great. Breast-feeding is just too easy; I barely even think about it now in this dress...it is so discreet and I feel great feeding when in this dress. I wear this dress in the day with leggings and boots or a pair of flip-flops....has been worn too in the evening and suits a pair of killer heels! Buy one...in every colour!" Belinda Hammett

"Excellent nursing top which made breastfeeding so much easier for me. I found it hard to go out and about while breastfeeding as found it awkward to do this in a public place. This top however made it much more discreet and comfortable to feed my baby and gave me much more confidence to do this anywhere. I would highly recommend it. The top is very comfortable and attractive so also felt good wearing it." Roslynn Watson

"Comfortable, practical and stylish! Had resorted to oversize shirts not knowing that there was anything out there that was perfectly designed for easy and subtle breastfeeding, would recommend to all new mums! I found the design versatile too, looks good worn casually with jeans, but works well dressed up when out on special occasions." Ellie Spare

"Highly recommended. Had this top 'with bump' and was amazingly able to use it with new baby too as the material went back to shape really well." Ellie Spare