NEW! In Person Art Workshops for Creatives and Artists run by experienced artist & teacher, Charlotte Keating, in her Lydney studio. Courses run on demand throughout the year with a maximum of 4-6 students to ensure quality teaching and personalised attention. Please get in touch to register your interest so a date can be arranged at the earliest opportunity. Costs approximately £20 p.h

Full course details including materials list with online booking will be provided.

Current courses available

Instagram for Creatives – crash course for creatives and professionals
3 hrs  £55

Crash course for Beginners or those looking to elevate their online presence. The course will cover how to curate your Instagram feed to elevate your art or photo based business. Introduces the art of styling your photos and planning your grid for a cohesive look & vibe. Teaches time saving tips and tricks to make the process feel more effortless. Covers the basics of hashtags & best practices for Instagram beginners.

Instagram for Creatives Workshop


Ephemera Bird - Create your own ephemera bird – short course
2 x 2hr 
sessions £75

Learn how to make an enchanting ephemera bird using vintage books, maps, dress patterns, old letters, handmade paper combined with acrylic paint, gold leaf or glitter. Create a wonderfully textural work of art on thick watercolour paper or raw linen canvas which can incorporate personalised collage elements which are meaningful to you or the person you gift it to.

Ephemera Bird Workshop


Art journaling for relaxation and mindfulness – short course
3x 2hr sessions or 2x 3hr 
sessions £115

Discover the meditative practice of art journaling and find peace through creative play. A fully immersive short course practicing the art of sketchbooking using acrylic paints and assorted collage elements. Learn how to create your own visual language through freedom of expression by drawing on colours and themes which resonate with you.

Art Journaling Workshop


Immersive Dreamy Abstract Painting : Tap into your intuition to create dreamy soothing art through the mindful focus on painting and freedom of expression
12 hour course split over 4-6 weeks £240

Join me and 4 others to learn the techniques I use for creating dreamy soothing art through the mindful focus on painting.  Tap into your intuition & learn how to express your inner voice with colour, marks and textures in an abstract way though colour mixing and a range of specialist acrylic painting techniques. Feel empowered to create restful art which expresses suppressed emotions, celebrating the beauty you find in life or by painting away any pain or worries into calming compositions you’ll be proud of. Release pain and find healing through the therapeutic process of this immersive soulful expression. 

Immersive Abstract Painting Course
Express your interest in an art course now so I can schedule a date! No obligation to book if you don't feel the course is right for you or I can't find a mutually convenient time to run it.  However I can't wait for you to join me for some therapeutic creative play! Charlotte