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Breast Cancer Facts

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

400 men are diagnosed every year

It takes less than 5 minutes to check your boobs

The earlier it’s found, the more likely you’ll live a long and brilliant life.

55,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Nearly 12,000 people in the UK die every year from breast cancer.

Breastfeeding is said to lower your chances of breast cancer but does not eliminate the risk.

Breastfeeding after breast cancer is possible in some circumstances.

Why are we talking about breast cancer?

It’s likely that at some point in our lives, cancer will touch us all. Whether it's ourselves, a family member or the effect of a friend's suffering, it seems cancer permeates our lives these days. Even if it’s presence remains shadowy at the periphery of our own life, it’s effect can be profound.

Our designer and founder Charlotte says
“Recently I watched “Kris: Dying to Live” as broadcast on the BBC. It detailed the story of Kristin Hallenga’s (age 23) experience with breast cancer and the charity CoppaFeel! she set up as a result with her twin sister Maren. It was the most moving & inspiring documentary on the subject I’ve seen. I'm not sure why it hit home with me exactly…maybe because she reminds me of me, maybe because she's not that much younger than myself or maybe because it showed cancer and it's effect in a daily lifestyle I can relate to. It showed her courage to live with passion, drive and positivity. It struck me as particularly poignant that whilst Kristin was being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 23, I had just given birth to my daughter whom I was breastfeeding. It was overwhelming to think that just as my breasts were beginning to nourish and sustain a new life, Kris’s breasts had developed breast cancer which had spread throughout her body. She can never be cured. She has been given a life expectancy. I on the other hand, was just starting a family that has since grown. As a result of Kris’s courage and the profound effect her story had on me, I have decided to support CoppaFeel! through the sale of one of my company’s nursing tops.”

As a breastfeeding mum you will have endless thoughts and conversations about your breasts and milk production. Our weekly blogs discuss the varied aspects and concerns surrounding breastfeeding in the hope we can educate and support you with friendly, informative parenting advice.

When your nursing journey comes to an end, you'll be more aware of what your boobs look and feel like than ever before and will undoubtedly, instinctively, be paying more attention to the changes in your breasts. Breastfeeding is said to lower your chances of breast cancer but does not eliminate the risk. We all need to look after our breasts. Breast checking can identify the early signs of breast cancer making treatments more effective and survival rates higher.

For those of you beginning the journey of raising a family, I encourage you to look after yourselves for their sake. Please teach your family that breast checking is a normal healthy habit and lead by example.


CoppaFeel! is a charity which proactively educates 18- 30 year old female Britons, in a fun way, to check their boobs for the early signs of breast cancer with the aim of instilling a new healthy habit that could one day save their life.

Too many women, and men, die of breast cancer due to late detection. Currently over 2000 cases are diagnosed at stage 4 each year – there is no stage 5. This is unnecessary.

CoppaFeel! Breast Cancer Charity

CoppaFeel! was set up by Kristin Hallenga in 2009. At 22 Kristin was told she was “too young to get breast cancer”. This meant that her cancer was diagnosed late and could only be treated, never cured. Kristin lives with secondary breast cancer and runs the charity full-time.

The charity focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging woman by encouraging woman under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

The CoppaFeel! mission is to make sure all breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible making treatments more effective and survival rates higher.

Meet Kristin here as she accepts her Pride of Britain Award in 2009 and understand why we’re supporting her charity CoppaFeel! 


If the documentary gets broadcast again, I highly recommend you watch it, especially if you're a young woman “Kris: Dying to Live” In the meantime you can watch smaller snippets on this YouTube Channel 

Supporting CoppaFeel!

So touched by Kris's story and many stoires from young women like her, our designer Charlotte decided CoppaFeel! breast cancer charity would be the ideal beneficiaries to receive support through the sale of her breastfeeding tops.

Our aim is to raise awareness and funds for CoppaFeel! by reaching an audience of women like you who openly discuss breasts. We want to inspire you to pass along the benefits of breastfeeding & breast checking to your peers and daughters as a healthy normal practice so that any signs of breast cancer can be detected early, making treatments more effective and survival rates higher.

 For every Sweetheart Nursing Tee £30 sold, £2 is donated to CoppaFeel!

Sweetheart Tee Donates to CoppaFeel! Breast Cancer Charity

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"Genius, flattering design! This is a PERFECT staple breastfeeding top for all year round. It also doubles up as a maternity top (no excess fabric though as it’s stretchy!). Flattering, lovely fabric, feels comfortable and most importantly, allows that all important access for feeding our precious babies!" 5 STARS

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This is how our donation helps:

£2 enables CoppaFeel! to send an SMS reminder message to 40 people every month to check their boobs

£5 helps CoppaFeel! reach 100 people a month and tell them that knowing their boobs could save their life, leaving them to plan nice things.

£50 would allow CoppaFeel! to send one of their Boobettes into a school or work place

£1000 covers the cost of CoppaFeel! going to a music festival to target about 50,000 more people

Alternatively, to make a direct donation text CoppaFeel! £amount to 70300. CoppaFeel! (registered charity [1132366]) will receive 100% of your donation. You will be charged for one standard text message plus your donation. Always get the bill payer's permission. By texting us you are also telling us you want to receive updates from us about the campaign. If you want to donate, but don't want CoppaFeel! to contact you by text in the future, add the words CoppaFeel! NO INFO when texting your donation

Check your breasts

We all need to look after our breasts. Breast checking can identify the early signs of breast cancer making treatments more effective and survival rates higher. Teach your family that breast checking is a normal healthy habit and lead by example. Once you've stopped breastfeeding, know what normal feels like & check your breasts monthly.

Breast check

Thank your breasts for breastfeeding your babies by keeping yourself in good health. Work out what normal feels like to you so that when you do your monthly boob check, you know what abnormalities feel like and can seek early diagnosis if necessary.

Breast checking what normal feels like

Show your support for such an inspiring charity and add to the new boob vocab by sharing what yours feel like. Join celebs like Fearne Cotton and tweet your word using the hashtag #whatnormalfeelslike 

Fearne Cotton CoppaFeel! Breast Cancer Charity

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