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Pretty V  Neck Breastfeeding Top as submitted via the NCT online shop

Good fit and comfortable Date Posted: 14/06/2013
Nice top, good fit and true to size. Offers comfortable discreet feeding this one of the best tops I have had. I have three boys all breast fed.
- Mahj, Devon
Comfy, practical and stylish Date Posted: 13/04/2012
This top has been a godsend and really allowed me to get out and about and breastfeed. I would definitely recommend it. It is also a comfy, stylish top that goes with pretty much anything.
Very pleased! Date Posted: 10/08/2011
Just received my 3 tops and delighted with them. Good fit, and very flattering. Would recommend.
- Sarah, Perthshire
Fabulous breastfeeding top Date Posted: 03/12/2010
Stylish, discreet top. This is the only one of my BF tops that makes me feel yummy as opposed to purely practical. I found the top fitted very well, the quality is great and the material has a lovely feel and hang to it. Easy to care for, machine washable, I can highly recommend this BF top.
- Tammy, Aberdeenshire


Chic Nursing Dress as submitted via the NCT online shop

Great dress Date Posted: 17/11/2011
I have been wearing this dress every few days for the last 8 months and it still looks great! It hangs well, is incredibly slimming, comfy and practical. I love it in red and am going to buy another in black for Christmas. Get one!
Great dress Date Posted: 07/10/2011
I love it. Its a great nursing dress and looks better on you than the hanger! The material hangs beautifully and the design makes breastfeeding very easy with minimal fuss. The only problem you have is choosing the colour. The red is fabulous.
- Sharon Oliver, Warwickshire


"This was definitely one of my favourite feeding tops as I found it very easy to manipulate the top and position my baby with no difficulty. Due to the material lifting up I never felt exposed. The top is very pretty and feminine and also very comfortable to wear. It can be worn for casual or more formal occasions. It certainly made breastfeeding much more enjoyable as I felt relaxed about feeding anywhere." Roslynn Watson

"The material of this top is so soft, which makes it fit beautifully and so comfortable to wear. I found it really easy to use, which made me so much more confident about breast feeding in public. I would recommend getting this top in a couple of colours as it has become an everyday essential for me." Alice Morgan

"I love this dress as it is so easy to wear and versatile. I have worn it dressed up for a more 'dressy' do but it works equally well with boots and a cardi for just going out and about. You can feed really discreetly and easily when wearing it and it also hangs incredibly well. This is my second baby so I have more of a cake than muffin top this time round but this dress is very flattering and just skims over the bulges. It is certainly a piece of clothing that I imagine I'll be wearing long after I stop breast feeding." Sarah Livingston

"Love love love this top! Makes breastfeeding 'on the go' really easy and very discreet - now I can feed my little man wherever and whenever he demands it and no-one even notices. Not only is it very functional it looks great on too!" Angela Harper

"I love this dress. It is made from lovely material which hangs well, is cool and comfortable. As you would expect with a new baby it has been washed umpteen times and thrown in the dryer too. It doesn't even need ironing which is great. Breast-feeding is just too easy; I barely even think about it now in this is so discreet and I feel great feeding when in this dress. I wear this dress in the day with leggings and boots or a pair of flip-flops....has been worn too in the evening and suits a pair of killer heels! Buy every colour!" Belinda Hammett

"Excellent nursing top which made breastfeeding so much easier for me. I found it hard to go out and about while breastfeeding as found it awkward to do this in a public place. This top however made it much more discreet and comfortable to feed my baby and gave me much more confidence to do this anywhere. I would highly recommend it. The top is very comfortable and attractive so also felt good wearing it." Roslynn Watson

"Comfortable, practical and stylish! Had resorted to oversize shirts not knowing that there was anything out there that was perfectly designed for easy and subtle breastfeeding, would recommend to all new mums! I found the design versatile too, looks good worn casually with jeans, but works well dressed up when out on special occasions." Ellie Spare

"Highly recommended. Had this top 'with bump' and was amazingly able to use it with new baby too as the material went back to shape really well." Ellie Spare