Countdown Small Abstract 6x8 inches

Cloudburst #7 : Countdown

Capturing a sense of excitement and anticipation with semi transparent layers of teal paint with marks in pen and pastel on grey toned paper.  Small enough for a mantelpiece or bedside table but big enough to make a statement. 

These cloudbursts are a free flow form of expression, created with under layers of loosely written words and marks in pastel depicting raw emotion swiftly followed with soothing layers of acrylic applied with fingers and effervescing splatter effect to capture the rising bubbling effect of hopeful, peaceful happiness. Often riding the ups and down of emotion these quick sketches offer a window into the depths of the artist’s soul. 

Original artwork painted by British female abstract painter, Charlotte Keating created using acrylic and soft pastel on toned paper in teal, white and black. 

Artwork on toned grey 6 x 8 inches / 15.2 x20.3 cm,  300 g/m2  heavy weight paper placed in a mount to fit 8"x10" frame.

Disclaimer: please note that whilst I try to accurately show the true colour and nature of these pieces, your screen or monitor may display differently. Paper pieces may have a slight buckling effect which is perfectly natural and expected from original pieces of mixed media art and should be embraced as such as they add character and authenticity to the pieces.