Elation Abstract Moon Painting 15cm x 22cm

Moonscape #13: "Elation"

Excitement and explosive energy in this small but breathtaking piece. 15cm x 22cm Acrylic and soft pastel on caramel toned pastel paper. Offered with a snowy white mount for you to offset it beautifully in your own 8"x10" frame. 

The Mers Lunaires series captures oceans of emotion within a moon. These pieces often start with words and floods of colour as part of the intuitive process of expressing feelings or thoughts in an abstract way. Layers of paint and different media are then built up to depict a release of energy or suppressed feelings which can range from trepidation to excitement.

Disclaimer: please note that whilst I try to accurately show the true colour and nature of these pieces, your screen or monitor may display differently. Paper pieces may have a slight cockling effect which is perfectly natural and expected from original pieces of mixed media art and should be embraced as such as they add character and authenticity to the pieces.