Moonscape | "Lazy summer days" Mer Lunaires Series | Abstract painting moon

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Lazy Summer Days

60cm x 60cm 

Acrylic, soft pastel and mixed media on raw linen canvas (incorporating vintage embroidered silk, vintage lace and pages from a W.J. Latham's 1935 book on Somerset as well as grit, sand, corrugated cardboard and handmade paper). Blush pink, white with hints of shimmering gold and ochre with soft charcoal detail. 

When thinking of British flora and fauna at this time of year I can’t help but think of those long quiet lazy days in the hot sun in the English countryside where everything borders on drying out, the grain fields are ready for harvest and the gentle sounds of the birds and insects are the only intrusion into the stillness that seems to glow golden in the shimmering heat. Yet there is an energy that radiates from the countryside alive with busy insects, where the butterflies flutter and the wild flowers sway in the breeze whilst the clouds drift by above. 

This piece hopes the capture those feelings with the help of pages from Latham’s Further Wanderings in Somerset from 1935 which talks fondly of rose gardens, sparrows and house martins. 

Full of texture and hinting at landscapes, this abstract piece invites you to discover the fondly written accounts of house martins, sparrows and roses and feel the enveloping shimmering heat of still English summers where time seems to slow. The softly glowing clouds lend the piece a warm soporific effect whilst the radiating explosive detail captures the energy and sounds of the countryside alive with insects and birds. Painted cow parsley and daisies are more representational of British flora whilst the vintage lace and torn pages offer a sense of timelessness associated with our English heritage. 

Through abstract expressionism, the Mers Lunaires series captures oceans of emotion within a moon.

Charlotte’s soulful approach and mix of techniques lend a dynamic quality to her art.  Pieces often start with phrases scrawled therapeutically over the page in soft pastel calligraphy upon which fluid pools, textured surfaces, splatter effects and drips are added, with paint applied using brushes, fingers or palette knives.

Deeply connected to her personal life and often inspired by the undulating nature of love & life, pieces are open to interpretation for the memories, stories and responses they evoke.

Paintings on canvas are ready to hang with cord and D rings, offering a minimal contemporary look for your home decor.

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Disclaimer: please note that whilst I try to accurately show the true colour and nature of these pieces, your screen or monitor may display differently.