My paintings are dreamy and calming, conveying a deep sense of tranquillity

Hi! I'm Charlotte...

I’m an intuitive artist who paints soothing, dreamy abstracts and moon paintings infused with natural elements of the sea, sky and land .

Along with my husband and two children, I live within the beautiful Forest Of Dean in a converted chapel with far reaching views.

A quiet place to breathe and gaze at the big skies rolling past my windows & the forest landscape changing slowly with the seasons.

Although a coastal girl at heart, I love how the trees reflect the cyclical nature of life evolving, renewing or moving on, forever in motion - reflecting the ebb and flow of the sea.

Sailing, dancing, love, friendship, fashion, painting and travel all nourish my soul and bring me great happiness.

I love spending time alone to reflect & recharge but I equally love the buzz of life, nurturing friendships and discovering new things & experiences.

My approach to painting intuitively

Painting is a form of escapism and mindfulness for me which offers precious quiet time to pause and reflect.

My approach is slow, immersive and considered, each stroke mindful and intuitive. The paintings dreamy and calming, conveying my deep sense of tranquillity.

I often start with deep fluid pools of colour and written words which I then respond toby adding creamy, soothing layers of paint, softly blended areas, sweeping arches, effervescent drops, etched script and some highlights of glimmering gold leaf or fine glitter.

I love creating within circles - or moons - and using circular pathways and moons within my paintings. I see them as reflecting the cyclical nature of life, our unity under one sky, the yin yang, good vs bad, death &rebirth, light vs dark and the continuity of time. I find them so therapeutic. They allow the mind to travel around full circle, soaking in the details, continually moving and readjusting. Forming a story inspired by imagery, colour and marks. I find this restful response so healing and it brings me such pleasure to hear that my paintings inspire that same curiosity, quiet reflection and inner peace in others. 

I release 3-4 series of paintings each year in a variety of sizes from 10cm to1.5m using archival quality paints and framing. Each collection draws on a theme with it’s own colour palette and I usually work in alternate waves ofcool blues/ greens followed by warmer pink hues. Prices for originals startfrom £48 with giftware and prints from £5.

I’d love to welcome you into my light filled studio totake a closer look at the details of my paintings and soak in their beauty which can only be truly appreciated in person.

I encourage you to breathe deepand lose yourself in their storytelling which hint at a captured breath, an enchanted love, a rising sense of magic, the spirit of the shoreline or our connection with nature.

“ Your work is so calming and uplifting” Lesley


“ I can feel so much peace whilelooking at your pieces. 🕊“  Kesia


“Beautiful!  Your artwork is magical and  sooo dreamy” Jan

  • Paintings start with colour

    then evolve with feeling...

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I would love to hear from you...

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about commissions, workshops or collaborations, please fill out the form below or email me at and I'll reply within 48hrs.

For quick questions, CHAT LIVE between 10am - 1pm using the chat feature in the bottom right of your screen.

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