Exploring the quiet ebb & flow of the human spirit

Hi! I'm Charlotte...

Along with my husband and two children, I live within the beautiful Forest Of Dean in a converted chapel with far reaching views.

A quiet place to breathe and gaze at the big skies rolling past my windows & the forest landscape changing slowly with the seasons.

Although a coastal girl at heart, I love how the trees reflect the cyclical nature of life evolving, renewing or moving on, forever in motion - reflecting the ebb and flow of the sea. 

Infused with natural elements, my paintings explore the quiet ebb & flow of the human spirit and the deeper questions about life within soothing, dreamy compositions.

Colours and texture fall between two worlds connected hand to spirit

  • Paintings start with colour

    then evolve with feeling...

Soothing, dreamy paintings with a touch of magic

Originally a fashion designer, I have the background training in Fine Art & Design from college, a BA (hons) in Fashion Design followed by a 20 year career in the fashion industry designing womenswear which was sold through boutiques. It was an exciting profession requiring a great variety of skills to keep up. It was fast-paced, full of characters, drama, gorgeous clothes and long long hours! Between the catwalk releases, I was honoured to have produced some of the most breathtaking bespoke dresses for brides and high profile women.

In response to having my first baby in 2008, I refocussed my business to design a collection of flattering and well functioning nursingwear for breastfeeding mums. This capsule range sells alongside my current art practice and can be bought via my Etsy shop. It really is a beautiful well designed product and very deserving of the awards it has received.

Then in 2018, with both children in school, I felt a desire to rediscover & redefine myself as a woman beyond the demands of being a mother and wife. I chose to slow down and offer my inner voice a chance to be heard,  my body opportunity to recover and my mind some much needed quiet from the sensory overload of motherhood – even if just for 4 hours a day. I turned my fashion studio into a painting studio and started making the transition, both emotionally and professionally, into becoming a fine artist.

I made a conscious decision early on that I didn’t want to return to ‘representational’ art.  Instead I started exploring intuitive abstract painting techniques and found complete freedom of expression in the process.

I just love the feel of paint on my fingertips as I smear it across the canvas or the smooth creaminess of applying it with a palette knife. For an immersive mindful escape, I scumble around with a large brush creating dreamy light cloudy backgrounds upon which I layer textures and effects. I do love including drips, splatter and looping script in a very considered way to express happiness, hope and lightness of spirit. In the same way, you’ll often find subtle rainbows in my abstract paintings which hint at my delight in the mystery & magic of life.

There’s usually a story or emotional response behind each series which, if you look carefully, you’ll find transcribed within the layers. For me, painting is such a meditative process, allowing thoughts and emotions to release, drift and move on, offering me strength, healing and hope looking forwards. It's a time for quiet reflection, curiosity and spiritual grounding. An opportunity to explore the silent ebb & flow of my spirit through the creative process. 

I hope that some of this sense of freedom, inner strength and promise translates through for you and brings that wonderful feeling of peace and promise into your home.

Crafted with intention

I would love to hear from you...

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about commissions, workshops or collaborations, please fill out the form below or email me at info@charlottekeating.com and I'll reply within 48hrs.

For quick questions, CHAT LIVE between 10am - 1pm using the chat feature in the bottom right of your screen.

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