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My Story

" I'm Charlotte Keating, a contemporary British artist based in the Forest of Dean. Following a successful 20 year career in the fashion industry, I embarked on a personal journey at the start of 2018 to rediscover my love of painting through abstract expression in a bid for a slower pace of life. With a coastal upbringing and a passion for sailing and all things ‘sea’, I intuitively create paintings imbued with a sense of the ocean, moon and sky. "


Charlotte's soulful approach and mix of techniques lend a dynamic quality to her artwork which is distinctively recognisable as her style.  Pieces often start with phrases scrawled therapeutically over the page in soft pastel calligraphy upon which fluid pools, textured surfaces, splatter effects and drips are added, with paint applied using brushes, fingers or palette knives.


Whilst her small works on paper are filled with lightness, energy and sense of freedom, the larger canvases offer a deeper, tactile experience with a real sense of contrasting movement and emotion embedded in the layers. Deeply connected to her personal life and often inspired by the undulating nature of love, pieces are open to interpretation for the memories, stories and responses they evoke. Experience the palpable frisson within her compositions of effervescing clouds and moons which gravitate tentatively towards each other. Or find tranquility and tenderness in the hushed landscapes which echo another time and place. 

Dive deep into her world to explore the tales of mystery and love which unfold within churning waves, sweeping halos, weeping downdrafts and soft explosive detail.

"I strive for authenticity in my artwork: never copying or emulating others but purely channeling free expression through layers of colour and paint to create artwork from the soul. I hope you find pleasure from the abstracts I create"