Waves 5 Back Eddy Abstract Painting 50cm x60cm

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Waves #5: Back Eddy

An uplifting painting reflecting the ebb & flow of life with it's ups and downs, moments of clarity and clouded thoughts and the inevitable back eddies which take you on journeys of their own. 

Layers of deep teal and turquoise with highlights of gold and white with glittery gold patches, gold leaf detail and drippy sides. 24" x 20" / 60cm x 50cm x3.8cm deep canvas. Ready to hand with D rings and cord in place. 

Original artwork by Charlotte Keating Artist who's work often features elements of the natural world with intuitive, layered & textured dreamscapes/landscapes. 

To purchase, please contact us with your location so we can offer a postage and framing estimate. In the case of more than one customer messaging us to state their interest in a piece, we will offer the artwork on a first come, first served basis. Depending on your requirements, items may be ready to ship within 2 days, others may take longer but we will endeavour to meet your delivery date preferences. 

Disclaimer: please note that whilst I try to accurately show the true colour and nature of these pieces, your screen or monitor may display differently. Paper pieces may have a slight cockling effect which is perfectly natural and expected from original pieces of mixed media art and should be embraced as such as they add character and authenticity to the pieces.