How important are nursing tops?

Posted on July 21, 2017 by Charlotte Keating

nursing tops best buysIf you're expecting a baby you may be wondering what you really need to buy - for baby and yourself amongst the myriad of suggestions! If you're considering breastfeeding (which we highly recommend you try for the benefits for both you & baby) then you may also be wondering how important are nursing tops? 

As a supplier of nursing tops, we normally find that mums start their breastfeeding journey with little by way of nursing wear. Expectant mums may have packed the obligatory midwife recommendation of an 'open fronted nightie' or invested in a nursing bra 6 weeks before their due date but most mums find that by 6 weeks of constant feeding, they're desperate to find something more suitable to wear on their breastfeeding journey. 

That's where we can help. During pregnancy, your hips and rib cage expand to accommodate baby and you may gain some baby weight in preparation for all the milk production that's about to come. We design specifically to flatter the post natal figure taking these physical changes into account. 

Our nursing tops and dresses are designed to nip in under the bust and skim not cling the *ahem* mum tum helping nursing mums feel body confident. You don't need to buy flow blouson tops to cover up, well cut nursing clothes will flatter and provide the best nursing access for you to feed your little one on demand wherever you may find yourself.

We cut our breastfeeding clothes more generously in the bust because we know even the smallest pre pregnancy boobs will become the most ginormous set of nurturing milk filled melons you'll ever have the pleasure of owning! We know, we've been there!! But your milk may not settle for a few weeks so investing in a nursing vest (like our Indie Nursing Vest) with built in shelf bra can make the world of difference for you, offering soft support until such time as you can be measured for a well fitting nursing bra.

You may find yourself asking, what about OUOD? I've heard it mentioned on forums but I'm not sure what this is? Well let us tell you : OUOD refers to the "One Up One Down" method - basically you find a stretchy vest to wear under another top and you lift the blouse up and pull the vest down for baby to access the breast. Whilst this method works quite well and allows you to choose from many more styles on the high street, it does mean doubling up on layers (which may be hot in the summer) and can be a bit of a faff with most of the top having a tendency to drop down and cover baby's head during the feed. 

With breastfeeding clothing designed specially for nursing, you have less layers to manipulate and they offer more coverage and discretion when feeding out in public. They look stylish and sleek and you often can't tell that they have lift up or pull aside panels. 

Our nursing tops are made from super soft breathable jersey which don't lose their shape due to the elastane content, making them well worth the investment. They are easy washable on 30' and can be tumble dried on low. You'll love them so much, you'll be living in them daily and wishing you'd bought the full colour set!!

So are nursing tops important? That's for you to decide ultimately but we firmly believe so, yes! We've gone without and tried other brands and in the end that's what propelled us to design a range that suits the needs of nursing mums. Tops that fit and flatter the postnatal body, generously cut in the bust, nursing holes placed over the nipple (not under the armpits or down the sides) and modesty panels which allow mums to feed discreetly if they're feeling self conscious or just want a little more coverage. And our lift up nursing panels offer the best solution for mums tandem feeding or nursing twins as they can stay covered up whilst popping both babies on the boob! 👌

So if you're looking to buy yourself a starter pack of breastfeeding clothes we recommend the following wardrobe staples: Twin Pack Nursing VestsEmelia Nursing Top and a Nursing PJ Set to see you through the endless night feeds in comfort! Trust us, it will be the best £126 you'll spend on yourself! Lets face it, you've bought so many things already for your baby's needs but have you thought about your own needs?  It's time to adopt some self care you're worthy of and reward yourself with some body confidence boosting clothing as thanks for giving your baby one of the best starts in life by breastfeeding them. You rock mama! 

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