#BreastfeedWithEase Campaign aims to empower more women to breastfeed with confidence!

August 31, 2017

#BreastfeedWithEase Campaign aims to empower more women to breastfeed with confidence!

Join the movement!

#BreastfeedWithEase Giveaway  

Our campaign and GIVEAWAY aims to inspire & empower more women to breastfeed in public with confidence! Supported by a monthly GIVEAWAY, we want to encourage more mums to #BreastfeedWithEase #NurseInStyle

Through photos and social sharing, we want to encourage breastfeeding in new mums as a natural & positive experience that can fit in with their lifestyles. We want mums to breastfeed with confidence, whatever their style, age, culture or interests. In particular we want to reach out to new mums who are feeling vulnerable with lowered self esteem from all the physical changes of pregnancy & breastfeeding and show them what to wear to breastfeed in, inspiring them to create their own flattering breastfeeding style that reflects their personality. We want to help improve successful breastfeeding rates by showing mums breastfeeding in public and inspiring other mums to do the same. 

Often new mums want to create a wardrobe that reflects their new 'Mummy' identity and meets the practical needs of early motherhood.  Flattering clothes can have a hugely positive effect on self esteem and we're looking to YOU for great breastfeeding friendly outfits which will inspire new mums to step out feeling body confident, ready to breastfeed with ease & nurse in style!

Please join us in sharing your breastfeeding style story with photos to encourage & empower more mums like you to nurse with ease!

As thanks, each month, one lucky entry will receive an item from our Charlotte Keating range or prize donated from the other fabulous brands joining our #BreastfeedWithEase movement! Scroll to bottom to see how to enter and WIN!

Have you entered yet?

This was one of our very first entries which encapsulates the essence of our campaign aiming to empower women to breastfeed with confidence! Doesn't she look so happy & self assured?!? Mumming it in style, we want to feel that way too! 

Breastfeed With Ease Campaign

Whilst covering up to breastfeed more discreetly is sometimes key for self conscious mums and doesn't this lovely lady look gorgeous, breastfeeding in a park and looking confident doing so!


And here we see how flattering nursingwear makes our lovely designer just beam and radiate with confidence whilst out and about breastfeeding her son! 💋


The passion behind the campaign 

The passion and ethos behind our breastfeeding clothing range has always been to help mums overcome some of  the challenges that breastfeeding can pose with practical designs that make nursing much easier, especially when out and about. Our aim is to inspire new mums to breastfeed with confidence by offering quality, flattering nursingwear which enables easy & discreet breastfeeding whilst boosting body confidence when mums are feeling most vulnerable post partum.  

We do this with: cuts that flatter and skim post natal hips and tummy;  with built in modesty panels which  ensure more coverage whislt nursing for those occasions when you want to breastfeed more discreetly or without scrutiny;  tops which are longer in length so there's less risk of exposing your bottom when bending over to see to your baby: more generous fit on the bust taking into consideration the increase whilst nursing - even at your most engorged;  double layers over the bust to best disguise the shape of breast pads; by choosing colours that don't show up leaks so much (we don't use light grey for instance!) and by choosing soft supple material which looks lush and bounces back to shape even after pregnancy of lots of handling or washing! 

Charlotte is so passionate about this that we are starting a campaign and giveaway to encourage mums worldwide to #BreastfeedWithEase. We know it's not going to help towards larger world issues in life but we do hope that through the power of photography and social sharing, this campaign can make a positive change on the perspective on breastfeeding, quell negativity but most importantly, boost body confidence & empower more mums to breastfeed in public with ease & nurse in style whilst feeling great doing so!   


Each month, one lucky mama will receive an item from our Charlotte Keating range or prize donated from the other fabulous brands joining our #BreastfeedWithEase movement! To be in with a chance to WIN all you have to do is:

Enter via Instagram 

  1. Share a photo of your breastfeeding outfit, preferably breastfeeding
  2. Tag another mummy friend 
  3. Tag us in your photo @charlottekeatingspirit 
  4. Include the hashtags #BreastfeedWithEase #NurseInStyle

Enter via Facebook

1. Like the relevant post (share too to spread the message of the movement if you’re willing but not necessary to enter!)
2. Post a photo of your breastfeeding outfit, preferably breastfeeding, to our page or in the comments
3.  Include the hashtags #BreastfeedWithEase #NurseInStyle

BONUS Get a second entry into the prize draw if you post a photo wearing one of our nursing tops, breastfeeding dresses or nursing pjs! 


*Giveaway runs Sept 1st though Dec 1st 2017

* You may enter as many times as you like with a different photo each time for more entries

*All eligible entries will be entered into a prize draw where we’ll pick a winner at random

*A winner will be announced on the 28th of every month. 

*Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram

*Open internationally but shipping & customs charges may apply

*Winning a Charlotte Keating product or store credit makes you ineligible to win again for a full year

*Prizes cannot be exchanged or for cash value

*No purchase necessary and void where prohibited

*All eligible entries from Instagram and Facebook will be collated into the prize draw

*By submitting your photo entry, you are granting us permission to share it across social media and on our website

*Our decisions are final

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Want to ​pay it forward, ​share in person?

You'll soon be able to order our Breastfeed With Ease cards and pass them on to breastfeeding mums to show them your support & to spread the word so they too can join our community!  Check back for more details.


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