Endor Forest Moon 60cm x 75cm

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Artwork on 60cm x 75cm on deep 4cm canvas

Endor encapsulates the verdant spirit of the forest and sky as a reminder to protect, and preserve the rainforest for our earth’s atmosphere to prosper. To treasure and find grounding with the trees and spiritual freedom in the open skies of our earth’s breath which ultimately supports life on earth 🌍🌏  By keeping the sense of the forest abstract, I hope to offer a more universal appeal for the design to connect and resonate with people all over the world to halt deforestation of the rainforest and heal our earth.

Entered in Cool Earth's 2020 Halt Deforestation Art Competition and available as a print by request. 

Tropical forests make up 6% of the earth’s surface, produce 40% of oxygen, host around 80% of the world’s documented species, house plants used in modern medicine, trap large amounts of carbon dioxide and are intrinsic to human existence and the earths healthy climate. Protecting the rainforests and halting deforestation is vital for earth’s survival and the biodiversity it supports. You can read more from these wonderful charities and see how you can make small lifestyle changes to  protect the rainforests World Wildlife FundCool EarthRainforest Alliance  On the topic of making positive changes to reverse the effect of climate change, it's well worth watching A Life on Our Planet with Sir David Attenborough which is incredibly inspiring

Details: Holistic greens and soulful blues in acrylic paint. Available to buy as prints

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