Kelpforest and Moonbeams| Kelp Forest Painting 60cm x 60cm

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Kelp Forest & Moonbeams

Artwork on 60cm x 60cm deep canvas

Dip your head below the surface and swim deep into the kelp forest, their silky arms gently brushing past your skin. Marvel at its beauty and the life that exists within. Connect with nature, see everything, touch nothing, take nothing.

This painting celebrates life below the surface and invites you to bring its restorative powers into your home.  

Whilst painting this series, I watched an interesting film called My Octopus Teacher and it brought to life a slippery world I had never previously given much thought to. Not only are they fascinating, they play an important role on our planet. According to The Wildlife Trusts, "Kelp forests play a hugely important role in the carbon cycle of our planet, capturing 75% of the net carbon fixed annually in the sea. They also reduce coastal erosion by serving as a buffer against strong waves. As climate change creates more severe weather, kelp forests are becoming more and more important." 

Details: Holistic greens and soulful blues in acrylic paint with glittering gold dust highlights finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust. Ready to hang with D rings and cord. Frame available as an optional extra. 

Size: 60cm x 60cm canvas. For delivery estimate, please note that this is classed as Medium Canvas

Need more detail? If you’re interested but would like more images or a video of the painting please reach out to me.

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