Cherrybloom Moon Painting 45.7cm x 61cm | 18" x 24"

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"Cherrybloom" Moon Magic Series
45.7cm x 61cm | 18" x 24" Toned Card

The star of my most prettiest images, this painting on toned card reveals her cherry blossom layers quietly. She sings gently as she soaks up the hazy morning rays of sunshine and blushes in the afternoon breeze.

She embodies the spirit of relaxation and peace which I've found in warm spring afternoons soaking up the dipping sun with the birds singing merrily alongside. My garden has been a welcome haven, secluded from the dischord of the outside world and this feeling has resonated through my paintings. 

Spreading delicate warmth and serenity to any room, she's sure to offer you a moment of reflection for you to recenter and blossom.

Details: 45.7cm x 61cm | 18" x 24" Toned Card. Can be offered with an archival mount if you have a frame to suit.