Wisp Mini Abstract Landscape 20cm x 20cm

Wisp Moon Magic Series
Artwork on 10cm x 10cm artboard, beautifully float mounted into a 20cm square frame.

I have found a beautiful stillness and strength in looking inwards when outside looks so uncertain. An inner glow that has resonated through my paintings, inviting you to take a slower breath as you feel the warmth from the glimmering golds & soulful purple hues.

Wherever you display these little gems, you’ll be captivated by the freedom and mystery within the layers, leaping script and glowing highlights. 

Acrylic paint and soft oil pastel on art board finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust. Shadow mounted into a painted frame and ready to hang or place on a shelf/mantle.

Size: 10cm x 10cm  in 20cm sq frame


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