The Surrender Series is bursting with energy and warmth

A vibrant yet softly blended series of joyful dreamscapes and moon paintings

Bringing a sense of release & enlivening energy into your home with their rainbow colours and loose marks

This series was all about celebrating the joy in finding creative freedom through a more relaxed, loose way of painting and the tranquility such release brings. It started in an attempt to release some creative block painting on large swathes of loose canvas. Using a bright palette, my only thought was to paint loose, large and free without the worry of whether they would sell. I was able to put a lot of full body energy into the work with big sweeping strokes and lots of lush paint. Softly blending layers with my fingers and brushes; sweeping across the surface with colour and texture in mind; really feeling the smoothness of the paint slide across the roughness of the raw canvas; dripping and splattering paint for that starry effect. It was a fully immersive experience surrendering  to the flow and meditative pleasure of creating using all my senses without limitations.

A window to my soul
Where gentle auras glow
Surrendering to the stillness
And the journey willing to unfold.