Nursing Access

Nursing access illustrated, helping breastfeeding mums choose by style & function.

nursing top access

Pull side nursing access with integrated modesty panel for easy, discreet breastfeeding. Available on our Sophie Nursing Dress, Esmé V Neck Top & Chloë Nursing Nightdress. Breastfeed with ease, nurse in style.

wrap cardigan pull aside nursing access 

Pull aside nursing access in our gorgeous Pointelle knit wrap nursing cardigan with lace trim and ribbon ties.

Nursing vest nursing access

Lift up nursing access featuring our lace trim nursing vest. Forms part pj sets or can be worn with cardi for day time. So very versatile! Fab for breastfeeding whilst babywearing.

Sweetheart Nursing top nursing access 

This Sweetheart Nursing Tshirt Emilia has lift up nursing access for easy breastfeeding and also great for breastfeeding whilst baby wearing. 

Belle nursing top pull up nursing access

Lift up nursing access for breastfeeding with ease. Perfect for babywearing, breastfeeding in a baby carrier!

How to use our tops

For when the moment dictates a little more modesty & discretion, follow these simple steps to allow baby to latch on:

  • First reach in above the neckline to unclip your nursing bra then place your baby in position
  • Reach into the top to pull your bra cup down within your top/dress
  • Then pull aside or pull up the material to allow your baby to latch on
  • Adjust the top if necessary once baby has settled
  • The fabric is lovely and supple which makes the process fuss free
  • The modesty panel ensures less breast is on show for maximum comfort

For more information on how to latch on baby, breastfeeding positions, best tops for breastfeeding whilst baby wearing, please head over to out Blog