Abstract Expression Full 12hr Course Module 1 to 4

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Module 1: Explore colour mixing, colour value, paint swatching, mark making, painting and printing techniques using a variety of methods, brushes, and tools to create a library of effects which you can develop further. 3hrs


Module 2: Develop your own visual language through series of short, intuition led exercises which depict and reflect your feelings or thoughts using colour, mark making and painting techniques. You’ll be guided in creating a series of small compositions which will hone your skills at painting intuitively whilst expressing yourself freely through abstract painting. 3hrs

Module 3 : Create a series of 6-12 abstracts on watercolour paper using colour, marks, paint techniques, print and drawing using acrylic paint, pencil, markers and pastels. We’ll cover the basics of colour value, mark making diversity, composition and balance with an easy, fail safe approach and develop an understanding of when a painting is ‘finished’. 3hrs

Module 4: Express your own voice using the tool box of visual language created in the earlier modules to paint a larger, finished painting you’ll be proud to display. I’ll gently guide you on scaling up your ideas into a composition which speaks your truth using concepts of colour value, composition, balance and detail. 3-6hrs