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Moonrise Moon Acrylic Painting 20cm by 20cm

£125.00 GBP

– Sold Out

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Please notify me if this piece of art has been sold or is currently in a gallery & still available. 


Bask in the tender warmth of this supermoon on canvas whispering of deep fullness and joy. Warm peach and deep soulful blue with effervescing splatter and soft pastel script with painting wrapping around the edges. Looks gorgeous with or without the frame. Ready to hang.  🌙✨

Acrylic paint and soft pastel
20cm x 20cm x 2cm canvas
Framed 22cm x 22cm x 2cm

Priced to sell including the frame. £125 if you prefer the contemporary unframed look - just drop me a message before purchasing so I can adjust the listing for you.

In welcoming the beautiful Flower Moon tonight and celebrating growth on earth and in spirit, I’m offering my first painting to the #artistsupportpledge movement. In the spirit of generosity, Matthew Burrows Studio set up this initiative to help fellow artists earn some income during the difficult time of Covid-19. With the last powerful supermoon of 2020 symbolising fertility and growth, tonight seems most apt for me to pledge my support for growth of the artist community. Once an artist sells £1000 worth of paintings, they pledge to buy a painting for £200 from another artist and so the life cycle of this concept of visibility and growth for artists continues.