Ripple Effect | Framed Wave Moon Earth Painting 40cm x 40cm

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Ripple Effect

Artwork on 40cm x 40cm canvas, beautifully float mounted into a white wooden tray frame.

Just imagine the invigorating feeling of life pulsing through your veins as you emerge from a dive, face upturned to the sky, breathing in deep with the horizon stretching to the edges of the earth. 

Imagine the ripple effect we could have if we combine our love of the oceans with spreading a deeper appreciation of the intrinsic part they play in absorbing the extra heat and COfrom our atmosphere to regulate the earth’s climate. Imagine yet that we find a way to harness wave energy without having a negative impact on the environment whilst doing so. Educating our children and raising them to care about their planet is a simple first step in making the right choices to reverse climate change. A Life on Our Planet illustrates the need for putting nature at the heart of our decisions to ensure survival of life on earth and is well worth a watch to expand your awareness on the topic.

This painting is a visual expression of the power of our ocean and that by making a few lifestyle changes we can support the health of our oceans, Earths biodiversity and our survival on this truly wondrous planet we call home.

Details: Holistic greens and soulful blues in acrylic paint with textural waves on canvas finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust. Beautifully float mounted into a white wooden tray frame with D rings and cord, ready to hang.

Size: 40cm x 40cm canvas. For delivery estimate, please note that this is classed as Medium Artwork

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