Whispers on the wind | Ephemera Moon Painting on 18 inch canvas

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Whispers on the wind

45cm / 18" circular canvas

Filled with mystery, these enchanting whispering tree landscapes invite you to journey in and explore the sweet world of escapism, all soft round the edges with gently merging collage elements to bring a sense of tranquility and fluidity into your home. 

Their circular nature represents the circular, interconnected nature of life and the overlapping way that dreams, memories and realities gently merge into a seamless life experience for us - not making sense on their own but each fragment coming together to form a whole, powered by a deep love and openness to possibility. 

Carefully chosen phrases and print from a selection of vintage books, maps and ephemera along with hand sketched birds and glittering trees fuse humanity with nature, memories with dreams. Blended peach, purple and pink for a warm dreamy vibe. 

Mixed media using acrylic paint, vintage maps, books music sheets and handmade paper for a gorgeous textured effect which have been highlighted with gold leaf and glitter. Hues of peach, lilac and give these birdies warmth and depth. Finished with archival satin varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust.

Size: 45cm / 18" circular canvas, ready to hang with D rings and cord. For shipping purposes, this is classed as Medium Artwork

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