Day 4 Roundup - Funny stories and positive experiences of nursing in public

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Charlotte Sparks

Day 4 Roundup of breastfeeding stories from bloggers supporting British National Breastfeeding Week focus on funny stories and positive public breastfeeding experiences. Moreover, they relate how despite the occasional sensationalist outrage in the media at breastfeeding in public, it is quite an ordinary thing to do and goes largely unnoticed by others. Here's a few of our favourites that are sure to make you smile and give you that extra bit of encouragement if you too are embarking on that first  nerve wracking *public* feed. 

"I Remember (a series of memories on breastfeeding)" by Sorry About The Mess
This positive article about breastfeeding in public made us smile  with fond affection  at the complexity of feelings as you head from newbie to experienced breastfeeder and then repeat with your second one. And because we have also been known to smile encouragingly at other breastfeeding mums "like a weirdo"! 

"Breastfeeding is Dangerous (Or, The Day I Shot a Man)" by Keep Up With The Jones Family 
A funny little story with a big cringe factor! Squirting milk can be so embarrassing and happens to us all! Thanks for sharing :) it made us giggle. 

"Nursing in Public: It's Not All Bad" by My Thoughts On Things
Another encouraging story from a mum who uses supplemental nursing system and illustrates very simply that breastfeeding is - and should be - " an ordinary fact of life". 

"Positively Normal" by Attachment Mummy
A sweet heart warming reminder that sometimes its nice to be commended for breastfeeding. 

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