Nursing access guide for our two-in-one maternity & nursing wear.

Posted on October 28, 2013 by Charlotte Sparks

Are you a little unsure about how to use our nursing tops? We've prepared a quick guide and handy little video to show you how to use our nursingwear with the different nursing access options.

For when the moment dictates a little more modesty & discretion, follow these simple steps to allow baby to latch on:
  1. First reach in above the neckline to unclip your nursing bra then place your baby in position.
  2. Reach up into the top to pull your bra cup down within your top/dress
  3. Then drop the cup down,  pull the fabric up or move the v-neck to one side to allow your baby to latch on.
  4. Adjust the top if necessary once baby has settled.
  5. The fabric is lovely and supple which makes the process fuss free.
We are always here to help so just drop us a line and we'll do our best to build your breastfeeding confidence and enjoy the journey with your little one with our Charlotte Keating ENGLAND two-in-one maternity & nursing wear.  

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