Breastfeeding outfits for work

Posted on March 29, 2017 by Charlotte Keating

working mumsWhat to wear when breast pumping at work...

Are you returning to work whilst still breastfeeding and not sure what to wear?Using a breastpump during working hours whilst you're seperated from your nursling will help to keep up your milk production and let you build a supply of breastmilk for bottle feeding. Not sure what to wear? You'll still need breastfeeding access whether baby is going to be brought to you for feeds or you intend on pumping milk. Choosing the right nursing top makes things a breeze and allows you to coordinate professional outfits with ease.

First consider where you are going to pump. Will it be in a shared staff room with colleagues walking in an out, a private nursing room set aside for complete privacy or will you sit in your car for relative privacy but on view to passers by? 

If you're likely to be seen, then you may want to opt for a nursing top with modesty panel and lift up nursing access which offers more coverage even if using a dual breastpump. Our sweetheart Emelia nursing tshirt is fabulous for this. With the peep hole access you simply lift the gathered bust section up to access the breast. Once the pumps are attached, you can easily pull the gathers back over the pump to conceal the device. 

Emelia nursing top dual access breastpump

Emelia Nursing Tshirt £30 Coral Pink, Lagoon Blue, Navy, Black, White

If you simply need ample nursing access for baby or pump, any of our tops offer a great deal of modesty and easy access so that you can pump with ease then head back into the office looking utterly professional and sleek.

If you need to wear a uniform at work then we have the perfect solution for you! Opt for one of our nursing vests and wear it under your uniform . With it's simple lift up access, you can easily unbutton and pull aside your uniform top to access the breast without feeling over exposed and stripped down. It's wide straps conceal bra straps and it's integral shelf bra offers support if you wish to go bra free. 

Nursing Vest access 

Indie Soft Scoop Nursing Vest £29 White, Navy, Black, Blush Pink, Duck Egg

Style Inspiration for Work

For plenty more style inspiration for what to wear to work, check out our Pinterest boards like this one showing you three outfits for mums who pump at work! 

Breastfeeding outfits for work




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