Nursing Access

how to breastfeed with nursing accessNursing access illustrated, helping breastfeeding mums choose by style & function.

Love of breastfeeding and attention to the details that matter to nursing mums are what makes us special. Like well placed nursing access, modesty panels for more discreet feeding, integral bust support, generous fit on the bust, flattering skimming fit on the tummy and hips, longer length. Our range consists of nursing tops, breastfeeding dresses and nursing pyjamas / nursing nighties in sizes UK 8-18. Designed and approved by nursing mums for good quality, flattering fit and fabulous nursing access.  


What is Nursing Access?

Most nursing tops are equipped with a pull aside neckline or pull up section that starts under the bust or drop down clip cups on camisoles. Essentially it's a part of the top that allows you to move it aside for baby to gain easy access to the breast to feed. Not every brand of nursing tops has access that's practical or stretchy so look closely when comparing. Here's a few of our tops demonstrating good nursing access. 

nursing top access

Pull side nursing access with integrated modesty panel for easy, discreet breastfeeding. Available on our Sophie Nursing Dress, Esmé V Neck Top & Chloë Nursing Nightdress. Breastfeed with ease, nurse in style.

wrap cardigan pull aside nursing access 

Pull aside nursing access in our gorgeous Pointelle knit wrap nursing cardigan with lace trim and ribbon ties.

Nursing vest nursing access

Lift up nursing access featuring our lace trim nursing vest. Forms part pj sets or can be worn with cardi for day time. So very versatile! Fab for breastfeeding whilst babywearing.

Sweetheart Nursing top nursing access 

This Sweetheart Nursing Tshirt Emilia has lift up nursing access for easy breastfeeding and also great for breastfeeding whilst baby wearing. 

Belle nursing top pull up nursing access

Lift up nursing access for breastfeeding with ease. Perfect for babywearing, breastfeeding in a baby carrier!

Look at the hole!

The best nursing tops have well placed nursing access underneath the lift up/pull aside panel. Ours our great because they offer plenty of space for access to the breast, are cut to fit larger nursing breast so they don't press and can be accessed single handled - simply lift up or aside and latch baby. You should be looking for cut away holes or large peep holes. Small peep holes can lead to blocked ducts if your breast is pressing against them. Some tops have fiddly overlapping panels that require two hands to separate, access somewhere under the armpits or zips that can be press against the breast - so take a closer look and think about where you feed from.  This size peep hole is ideal - large enough, cut full enough full milk filled breasts and note where the nipple would be for feeding.... 

nursing access hole

What is a modesty panel?

A modesty panel on a nursing top offers a section of fabric that remains against your upper chest when accessing the breastfeeding holes. This offers a level discretion and modesty as it covers up the top of your cleavage. The majority of our tops are made this way allowing self conscious mums to breastfeed without worry of exposure.

modesty panel nursing top  modesty panel nursing top

How important is the material the top is made from?

If you're looking for your top to last and retain it's shape, you're looking for a top which has at least 2% elastane content in the material composition so that it bounces back to it's original shape after use. Why elastane? Breastfeeding means you're going to be pulling your top around a lot for baby to nurse. The elastane/stretch in the material will allow you to pull aside the nursing access without stretching the fabric irreversibly - it will allow it to bounce back to it's original state without looked stretched or baggy, meaning you can get the longest use out of your nursing tops. The elastane will also prevent the clothing from becoming misshapen with repeated washing. Where there's a lot of breastfeeding going on, there's a lot of pulling and tugging of the top to gain access to boobies! Good quality tops with elastane like ours will last you through this baby and the next making them well worth the pennies.  

Easy instructions for using our tops for maximum discretion 

For when the moment dictates a little more modesty & discretion, follow these simple steps to allow baby to latch on:

  • First reach in above the neckline to unclip your nursing bra then place your baby in position
  • Reach into the top to pull your bra cup down within your top/dress
  • Then pull aside or pull up the material to allow your baby to latch on
  • Adjust the top if necessary once baby has settled
  • The fabric is lovely and supple which makes the process fuss free
  • The modesty panel ensures less breast is on show for maximum comfort

For more information on how to latch on baby, breastfeeding positions, best tops for breastfeeding whilst baby wearing, please head over to out Blog