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In You I Trust 4 Small Abstract Painting

£155.00 GBP

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In You I Trust #4

Tapping into feelings of love, comfort and safety that come with trust this little series of sketches emerged full of the energy, excitement and vulnerability and they just glow with positivity in these frames.

Small abstract painting focusing on expressing the transient and conflicting emotions of trusting someone else implicitly. These pieces often start with under layers of script which are then smeared with soothing opaque layers and energetic splatters. 

Acrylic, soft pastel, pencil and watercolour on toned grey paper, created alfresco and infused with emotion in a size that's perfect for including in a gallery wall, on a side table or in an alcove. Warm peachy pinks with white, grey and shimmering gold. 

Toned Grey 6 x 8 inches / 15.2 x 20.3 cm,  300 g/m2  heavy weight paper
in a thick white mount to fit 8"x10" frame. Sold without frame unless you collect in person - will incur £10 extra for frame.

Disclaimer: please note that whilst I try to accurately show the true colour and nature of these pieces, your screen or monitor may display differently. Paper pieces may have a slight buckling effect which is perfectly natural and expected from original pieces of mixed media art and should be embraced as such as they add character and authenticity to the pieces.