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Demystifying Instagram Class 1:1 2hrs

£45.00 GBP

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Demystifying Instagram 1:1 Tailored Class 

2hrs, £45 p.p  Run on demand T/W/TH/Sat, Lydney Studio
1:1 Tailored Class although you can book with friends if you wish to take the course as a group and receive 10% off

Personalised class teaching you the skills to post with ease and confidence, enabling you to consistently share and market your small business with effective, beautifully presented posts which reflect your values. 

We'll start by analysing your account and look at examples on how to improve. I'll walk you through how to create a post, reel, story or guide and help you clarify and update your artist/small business bio. We’ll cover tailored ‘branding’, caption creation, curated content, hashtags, prompts, info graphic creation and non-salesy marketing tips which reflect your values. 

Are you new to Instagram?
Do you struggle with consistency posting on Instagram?
Or find the idea of what to post daunting or time consuming?
Is your process a little chaotic?
Or your grid a mish mash of content?
Do you find #hashtags confusing?
Would you like your efforts to be effective in showcasing what you do and for growing your audience? 

Then you're in the right place! This personalised class will help demystify and clarify Instagram by covering all of these concerns with personalised and practical tuition on how Instagram can work best for creatives like you with clear direction and time saving tips.

This class clarifies how to use instagram as your online gallery and marketing tool by using imagery, branding, captions and hashtags to create a beautifully cohesive account which aims to increase visibility, growth and sales of your creative or photo based business.

You'll be introduced to time saving tips and effective, practical advice to make the process of posting more planned whilst feeling natural & effortless. You will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions as we go along . 

Venue:  The Studio,  Claremont House, High Street, Lydney, GL15 5DX.