Displacement Abstract painting 40cm x 40cm


Like butterflies we rise and fall
Floating on the slipstream of time
Whether by design or nature
We land where the winds drops us
Displaced but not lost
And sometimes, found.

This piece is full of gorgeous texture with crackle effect and loads of layers with vintage maps for  the Wye Valley and surrounding area. Painted with acrylics in delicate shades of blue, green and violet on 40cm x 40cm canvas, ready to hang. There's only one canvas this size available in this series.

Features painswick, stroud, gloucestershire, cheltenham, cotswold, tewksbury and a few other places places northwards like pershore, malvern, greatmalvern & worcestershire

The poetry that accompanies these pieces gives you an idea of the sentiment that flows through them, inspired by the maps themselves.


Artwork Acrylic and vintage maps

40cm x 40cm canvas