Beautifully Delicate Dreamscape Hanging Mini Painting on Rustic Wooden Slice

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Beautifully Delicate Dreamscape

The sweetest little dreamscape to bring a touch of tranquility to your sacred space.
These delicious, peaceful mini dreamscapes are painted on rustic wood slices using acrylic paints with carefully chosen phrases and print from a selection of vintage books, maps, handmade papers, postage stamps and ephemera. Hand sketched birds and glittering trees in a blend of dreamy peach, purple and pink bring the Spring vibe to life.
 Hanging art threaded with raw silk.
Ready to hang on the wall, Easter tree or gift to a loved one 

Beautifully gift wrapped

🌸 🕊️ only 12 available  🕊️🌸

They form part of the Dream series which explores the sweet world of escapism, all soft round the edges with gently merging memories, overlayed thoughts and imagined realities. These pieces reflect the enchanting, slightly disjointed, ethereal nature of dreams with lots of unfinished edges coming together into something magical with a strong Spring vibe.
Their circular nature emulates the way I sleep, dream, travel, make beautiful connections within the most unlikely and foreign of landscapes, then wake once more to bask in the afterglow before repeating the cycle.


Painted with archival quality acrylic paints, finished with super fine glitter and blush pink raw silk ties for you to loop or tie in bow to hang.

Wooden slice measures approximately 10cm 🕊🌸