Finding our reason | Framed Pebble Painting on 20cm sq Canvas

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Finding our reason

20cm x 20cm Raw linen canvas board presented in a white wooden float frame 

Inject your home with a feeling of summer by the ocean. Celebrating friendships which are oceans apart but close in heart illustrated with these vibrant pebble compositions on raw linen canvas which capture the energy and excitement of making connections. 

These pebble compositions take larger paintings filled with sentiment and break them down into elements which are rearranged to play against each other with an energy fuelled by thoughts of drifting friendships and transient experience as we walk our own paths in life, together but apart. 

From the Oceans Apart series which explores the shifting nature of friends & friendships as they flow in and out of your life for a reason or a season. A sentiment which is represented by drifting pebble compositions with swaying seaweed, fragmented phrases and marks which allude to shifting energies, memories and light reflected through the depths. Like pebbles on the ocean floor which drift and mingle, this collection celebrates friends which are worlds apart yet close in heart. 

Acrylic paint, soft oil pastel. Soothing charcoal with lilac, turquoise and warm yellow hues with white highlights and contrasting black words and marks. Finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust.

Size: 20cm x 20cm Raw linen canvas board presented in a white wooden float frame classed as Medium Artwork at the shipping stage of checkout.

Framing: This piece is supplied beautifully presented in a float frame in white wood with D rings and cord, ready to hang. If you would prefer to have it framed upon receipt, please let me know and I can send the canvas board in a smaller, (cheaper) flat envelope and refund you the difference in cost of frame & shipping.

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