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Flourish | Green Rainforest Painting

£720.00 GBP

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Artwork on 90cm x 90cm on deep 4cm canvas

Layers upon layers reveal depths within the flourishing undergrowth, inviting you to step quietly into the mist covered rainforest. Gently push past the foliage, mind the fluttering of the hummingbird's wings and peep through the canopy at the moon... aren't the sounds muffled by the undergrowth just so enveloping?

Bring the magic of the rainforest into your home with these soft cloudy layers and delicate fronds. Holistic greens bring a sense of calm to the painting whilst marks and etchings capture that sense of excitement from exploring hidden landscapes.

Tropical forests make up 6% of the earth’s surface, produce 40% of oxygen, host around 80% of the world’s documented species, house plants used in modern medicine, trap large amounts of carbon dioxide and are intrinsic to human existence and the earths healthy climate. Protecting the rainforests and halting deforestation is vital for earth’s survival and the biodiversity it supports. You can read more from these wonderful charities and see how you can make small lifestyle changes to  protect the rainforests World Wildlife FundCool EarthRainforest Alliance  On the topic of making positive changes to reverse the effect of climate change, it's well worth watching A Life on Our Planet with Sir David Attenborough which is incredibly inspiring

Details: Holistic greens and soulful blues in acrylic paint with fine gold glitter highlights on canvas finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust. Ready to hang with D rings and cord. 

Size: 90cm x 90cm canvas. For delivery estimate, please note that this is classed as Extra Large Canvas unless rolled which saves on travel charges dramatically and can be stretched onto a frame by your local framer. Can be collected in person.

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