Dreamy Abstract Painting Course 12hrs

Immersive course learning techniques for creating your own dreamy abstracts. Covering intuitive mark making, soulful expression, colour choice, painting techniques & composition. 12 hours, 6 wks.

Painting is a form of escapism and mindfulness for me which offers precious quiet time to pause and reflect. My approach is slow, immersive and considered, each stroke mindful and intuitive. The paintings dreamy and calming, conveying a deep sense of tranquillity. 

I often start with deep fluid pools of colour and written words which I then respond to by adding creamy, soothing layers of paint, softly blended areas, sweeping arches, effervescent drops, etched script and some highlights of glimmering gold leaf or fine glitter. The power of healing is in the process and the resulting paintings express a sense of peace and joy. 

This course is designed to convey some of the ways I approach my painting and give you the tools to develop your own unique techniques & style by tapping into your own intuition. 

Healing through painting & mindfulness

"Art therapy can help uncover and understand feelings and memories in a different way. This self-discovery is one reason therapy is such a crucial element. It can also improve self-esteem by providing clarity and purpose, while reducing stress."

Art is healing because it forces you to forge a connection between your mind and your body. Unlike exercise, which works your body, or meditation, which clears your mind, art-making accesses both mind and body to promote healing

it can help people deal with strong emotions, increase self-awareness and self-worth and decrease stress and anxiety.

Research indicates art therapy can improve communication and concentration and can help reduce feelings of isolation. This type of therapy has also been shown to lead to increases in self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness

Join me and 4 others to learn the techniques I use for creating dreamy soothing art through the mindful focus on painting.  Tap into your intuition & learn how to express your inner voice with colour, marks and textures in an abstract way though colour mixing and a range of specialist acrylic painting techniques. Feel empowered to create restful art which expresses suppressed emotions, celebrating the beauty you find in life or by painting away any pain or worries into calming compositions you’ll be proud of. Release pain and find healing through the therapeutic process of this immersive soulful expression. 

Some art supplies will be available for you to try or use however I will send a Materials List out prior to the course commencing. How much you spend on supplies will be entirely up to you and doesn't have to be costly.