Honeydew Moon Painting 6"x 8"

"Honeydew" Moon Magic Series
10cm x 13cm on artboard card

Every one of my collections burst into life with these smaller pieces on paper which reflect my initial response to an outside influence in a free flow form of expression, choosing marks, textures and colour intuitely.

For this series it has been my pure delight at being able to feel Spring bursting into life whilst listening the the birds sing and the sunlight stream down. It’s the promise of renewal blossoming one bud and leaf at a time.

Without lockdown, I would have been too caught up in my relentless family schedule to really soak in the goodness and that awareness has really informed this collection with it’s soft creamy yellows, warm loving pinks and a dusky soulful purple. 

So although they are the smallest pieces in this series these little gems are the most authentic of the lot and hold so much depth. Beautifully displayed in an A4 frame, they will bring a soothing, nourishing warmth to your home.

Details: Acrylic paint and soft oil pastel on artboard card. Finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust.

Size: artwork 10cm x 13cm on artboard