Lost in translation abstract painting 20cm x 20cm

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Lost in Translation

Artwork on 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4") artboard, beautifully float mounted into a 20cm square (8" x 8") custom white wooden frame.

Invite a little warmth and tenderness into your home with this heartfelt painting reminiscing of tender love guided by inner light, reflecting on it’s transient nature and veiled reality. Accepting that love can be a series of smoke and mirrors and only ever as real as the people who share that bond. Created with love using soothing pinks, tender greys and glowing detail that whispers of depth and hope.

Perfect for displaying in a grouping or on their own as a dreamscape over a desk or in a nook. Check my other listings to find its sisters.

Details:Acrylic paint with gold leaf highlights on art board with vintage lace and gold leaf highlights, finished with archival varnish to preserve your artwork from UV rays & dust. Shadow mounted into a painted frame and ready to hang or place on a shelf/mantle.

Size:10cm x 10cm (4" x 4") in 20cm sq (8"x 8") frame
For delivery estimate, please note that this is classed as Small Artwork

Need more detail? If you’re interested but would like more images or a video of the painting please reach out to me.

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