Surfacing | Mer Lunaires Series | Abstract painting blue moon

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Surfacing | Moonscape #105 | Mer Lunaires Series

"I would free dive with you any day” he says.  And with those words, she was swept away to depths unexplored and caught in the updraughts into the clear blue skies...

Imbued with the sentiment of these words, the canvas was flooded with colour, wind swept waves and clear blue skies. An evocative piece full of movement, energy & love.

Acrylic and mixed media painting on canvas in cobalt blue & white with gold leaf on 20 cm x 20cm x 19mm canvas, framed. Ready to hang.

If you would prefer a more minimal, contemporary look, this painting can be offered for £125 without the frame.

Through abstract expressionism, the Mers Lunaires series captures oceans of emotion within a moon.

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