10 essentials for creating a blissful baby bath & bedtime routine

Posted on November 28, 2013 by Charlotte Sparks

It's known that establishing a restful routine at bath time will ease your baby into a peaceful sleep. So from our own experience as mums, we've created a list of firm favourites for a blissful bath time and bedtime routine so that baby is ready to snuggle down for their last feed before drifting off to dreamland. For full shopping links, please read our recommendations below and click through to our Pinterest board. 

1. Lavender and camomile are often sought for their calming properties so a baby bath soap like Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath with Lavender or Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Bubble Bath will help relax baby as they wallow in the warm water, fascinated by bubble playtime.

2. A water thermometer will ease your anxious mind when it comes to ensuring the bath is the correct temperature and one like this Brother Max Ray Bath & Room Thermometer doubles up as a handy room thermometer too.

3. For newborn babies, we love this simple towelling Bath Support from John Lewis as it prevents baby's bottom from slipping whilst you gently wash them with your free hand (the one that is not holding them) plus it's minimal to dry, wash and store.

3. A simple soft teardrop sponge is ideal for cleaning little crevices and protecting baby's super sensitive skin. We recommend basic hooded towels for keeping little babies cosy, whilst dress up towels like these fab reindeer ones from Cuddledeer are more fun for older tots and can entice them out of the bath that they're busy enjoying for just a little too long!

4. For those of you with draughty cold old houses like ours, try an oil filled radiator like this De Longhi Bambino one to boost and regulate the temperature in the nursery, ensuring it's warm when they get out of the bath. This not only prevents the squealing as you unwrap their towel but also keeps the cosy momentum created in the bath, lulling them into soft cosy security.

5. A lovely low glow lamp like an animal nightlight from White Rabbit can keep the lighting subdued for bedtime but provides enough light if you're reading a bedtime story.

6. We love this book, Moon Rabbit book by Natalie Russell, for when you do settle down – lovely pictures, sweet sentiment.

7. Dress them in one of our base layer baby bodysuits like this long sleeved bodysuit with dragonfly applique or a short sleeved body with hummingbird motif before popping them in their pj sleepsuit. Our baby bodysuits and bibs are made to a high quality and machine appliquéd by hand so that each item is as individual as your baby.

8. In terms of bedding, we find Grobags are great for babies who don't mind covers although these Dreamgenii look fabulous for tots who prefer their toes free! We personally favour these microfleece sleep bags by Carters as they keep their arms and shoulders toasty too however they don't come with a specific tog rating.

9. We like the idea of baby having a comfort toy from the early days to help settle them in times of need, but make sure you can buy identical ones for when 'Best Bunny' suddenly gets mislaid! The bashful, size small, soft toys from Jellycat are super soft, small enough for little hands, tested to pass the European Safety Standard for toys and although they recommend hand wash only, we find they wash well in the machine at 30' although they do lose their furry nap a little.

10. And don't forget yourself! With our soft maternity & nursing pyjama set you can cuddle up to breastfeed them with ease whilst looking just as sweet! See our maternity and nursing pyjama set Pinterest board for all the combinations of nightwear styles and colour ways!

Disclaimer: This list is purely compiled from personal preferences and we in no way endorse these products or accept liability for their use. This list is compiled for the UK and cooler climate:  fewer layers and bedclothes should be adopted in warmer temperatures. You should always refer to government safety guidelines and current medical advice for ensuring your baby is looked after safely.

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