Breastfeeding: Anytime and Everywhere by Hayley James

August 04, 2014

Raising children mixes challenge and reward in various degrees and being a mum to three ( 2 sons 14 and 11 and a daughter aged 5 going on 15) means it can get pretty hectic. Often we pass through each phase and stage without having time to draw breath and remember those special moments we shared with our babies.

I would like to thank my good friend, Charlotte (Designer & Director of Charlotte Keating ENGLAND Maternity & Nursingwear) , who allowed me to revisit some of those earlier times. Oh how breastfeeding would have been so much easier with tops from her collection! Talking and exchanging stories with Charlotte got me thinking and inspired me to start blogging. I am amazed at the hysteria that breastfeeding provokes. In the current climate which is fuelled by sensationalist stories about breastfeeding, I would like to share what made breastfeeding my natural choice.

I was fortunate to breastfeed all my children and chose to do so until they were two years old. I had read that the WHO recommended till the age of two and actually for me at two it was a natural weaning process as part of the growing up and moving on stage. I was lucky to never encounter any adversity and I certainly had no problem with feeding anytime and everywhere.

I never considered the consequences of breastfeeding and maybe that totally blasé attitude allowed me to face situations without concern. I applied very heavily pregnant for a job at my local primary school as Clerk to the Governors. Maybe it was the fear that I might give birth at the interview (I was huge) that I was given the job but at the time there was no mention of my pregnancy and I just assumed I would take my baby with me! After all I would be working in a place which is child focused. By the time I  headed for my first meeting I had given birth and my daughter was 5 weeks old. Armed with a laptop, ‘v’ cushion and muslin cloths I sat in the classroom for the meeting to start. I switched on my laptop, positioned her on the cushion, latched her on and proceeded to type the minutes of the meeting while she fed. Looking back I can’t quite believe I just got on with it and no one uttered a word. Maybe it was the school environment, maybe it was my absolute gall or maybe everybody was too shocked to comment but for me it was just an obvious thing to do; I had a job to do and I had a new baby and I was confident I could do both! Everything was on ‘tap’ so I just brought her along! I do remember the next meeting some 2 months later was not quite so easy as she had become more of a wriggler and a guzzler but our first assignment was complete and fourteen people around the room carried on discussing school issues regardless. 

That really summarises what breastfeeding should be about; in a world where social media allows everyone to have an opinion it really becomes a battle of should you, shouldn't you and what's right and what's wrong … But actually it's about your own decision and what is between you and your baby.

So especially during World Breastfeeding Week 2014, let's share some stories - we all have different experiences so lets try not to be judgemental. I am sure there are lots of mums with unusual feeding tales … it would be lovely to hear them so why not submit your story into this great giveaway to be in with a chance to win one of two gorgeous Breastfeeding Reminder Brooches! See below for full details and how to enter. Good Luck!


Breastfeeding Reminder Brooch Giveaway in Support of World Breastfeeding Week 2014

In support of WBW2014 we are offering two lucky winners one of our breastfeeding reminder brooches in their choice of colour, subject to availability. To enter you will need to share with us one of your most precious, unusual, positive, encouraging or amusing nursing (breastfeeding) experiences. Two winners will be picked at random and we will share our favourite stories through our blog and social media platforms in order to promote breastfeeding to new mums and support nursing mums achieve their breastfeeding goals with inspiring feeding tales. 

Our gorgeous felt flower brooch with printed cotton or sheer organza inset petals & pearl beads are ideal for accessorising any nursing top and serve as a breastfeeding reminder as to which side to feed from next. Simply repin the brooch after a nursing session and save yourself the trouble of checking your breasts next feed! Available in a choice of 8 colours.

Click here to enter the competition. Full Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway can be found here




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