Halloween costumes, pumpkin carving & safety tips

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Charlotte Sparks

We’ve put together some Halloween costume inspiration for those of you heading out guising or to a fancy dress party.

3 easy Halloween costumes for pregnant or nursing mums
Three easy ways to customise our black maternity and nursing wear to create quick Halloween costumes which accommodate your bump or breastfeeding needs with ease. Halloween costumes for pregnant or nursing mums with our great breastfeeding clothes that flatter from pregnancy. Minimal fuss creating a cat costume, 8 ball costume and witch costume.Our black maternity and nursing wear styles to accessorise


Halloween costumes for children and babies that are as individual as they are adorable.
We’ve scoured the internet for you and picked the best individual costumes we can find with a handmade retro-chic feel to them, steering away from the mass produced, commercially popular costumes.




Pumpkin carving and lots more creative sparkly ideas for your pumpkins if you don't fancy the had work of cutting!

Safety Advice for Trick or Treating
Although it’s more of an American custom, trick or treating has grown in popularity in the UK of recent. If you’re one of those mums preparing for guising on this ghoulish occasion, we’ve put together a list of safety tips to help keep your children as they enjoy the night.

1. Always accompany your children when trick or treating.
2. Pre plan your route, only visiting neighbours or friends that you know.
3. Do not knock on doors of strangers.
4. Never enter a stranger’s house or accept sweets from a stranger.
5. Use well lit pavements and safe places to cross the road.
6. Respect other people’s property by sticking to paths and closing gates behind you.
7. Carry a torch to see and be seen but always point it at the ground to avoid dazzling divers.
8. Ensure children have reflective tape on their costume to remain visible to drivers.
9. Masks can often obstruct a child’s view when crossing roads so ensure they hold your hand or wear face paints instead.
10. Test face paints before the occasion to ensure they don’t have an adverse effect on your child’s skin.
11. All props like swashbuckling swords should be made of flexible foam to avoid hurting each other in the excitement of a combat.
12. Long costumes can be a trip hazard so hem them where necessary to ensure they don’t drag on the floor.
13. Choose flame resistant costumes where possible as some carved out pumpkins may be lit with tea lights and could easily catch trailing costumes on fire.
14. Always check your children's sweets for signs of tampering or choking hazards and throw away home baked goodies unless you’re absolutely sure who made them.

Happy Halloween!



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