Breastfeeding Over Christmas

Posted on December 22, 2014 by Charlotte Sparks

With Christmas fast approaching, now's the time to make your final preparations before settling into the festivities with a tranquil mind and positive outlook. With this in mind we've pulled together our latest style and parenting blogs to ease you through the holidays.

Our Designer Charlotte shares her Festive Family Traditionsand encourages young families to simply revel in the moments that unfold over the holiday season without adding to the pressure of parenthood. 

As an extra treat for you, Charlotte is sharing her handpicked festive recipes that she will be including in her meal plan over the holidays explaining that "It's a rare chance for us to eat meals together as a family and I like to include a few tasty dishes as opposed to preparing just one special meal". They're quick & easy to prepare and look delicious!

Christmas can be an enchanting time of year but it can sometimes leave you stressed out and anxious, especially when you have a new baby to consider. Overcome the challenges of breastfeeding your baby over the busy holiday season with our 10 Top Tips for Enjoying the Holidays Whilst Exclusively Breastfeeding (aka Surviving the Christmas Holidays with a Baby!)

Whether you're staying home, visiting relatives or going out to parties, this blog offers advice on Drinking Alcohol Whilst Breastfeeding over the Holidays and includes some fabulous mocktail recipes if you're steering clear of the booze altogether.

If you need a little inspiration for creating the perfect festive look whilst pregnant or breastfeeding check out our style boards over on our Pinterest page! Find our nursing and maternity clothing hereYou'll also find a gorgeous Christmas baby board there if you need some inspiration for creating a perfect holiday snap to remember the occasion!

And with that we wish you happy reading & a very magical holiday season!

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