What Normal Feels Like

January 19, 2015


Given that you're breastfeeding or about to, you will be spending a vast amount of thought and focus on your boobs.

You will have endless thoughts and conversations about your breasts and milk production. As is completely natural for any new mum, you'll be wondering whether you are producing enough milk (you probably are if your baby is having frequent wet & dirty nappies and putting on weight but your midwife can check), if baby is latching on effectively (your breastfeeding support counsellor can check this), if you're holding baby correctly (our guide to 6 best breastfeeding positions may aid you), how to breastfeed confidently in public (see our positive public nursing experience blog for encouragement). 
Or you may be seeking remedies for common breastfeeding ailments like sore or cracked nipples, engorgement, thrush, mastitis and blocked ducts (seek help from your gp and breastfeeding support counsellor).

When your nursing journey comes to an end, you'll know more about what your boobs look and feel like than you have ever known before. You will see them in a new light. No longer will they be a sign of your sexuality but a testament to motherhood too. They won't be known as large or small but will be described by you as full or squishy or deflated. And that's what we want you to pay attention to.

In supporting charity CoppaFeel!, we want to share with you their campaign "What normal feels like", as seen at last year's summer festivals, in magazines, store changing rooms and at university campuses across the country. With this campaign, CoppaFeel! "want you to get to know your boobs, have a good feel and think about what new words you could use to describe them, to help us build a new vocab to describe this nation’s breasts beyond size". 

We all need to look after our breasts. Breast checking can identify the early signs of breast cancer making treatments more effective and survival rates higher.  Teach your family that breast checking is a normal healthy habit and lead by example. Say thank you to your breasts for breastfeeding your babies and keep yourself in good health. Work our what normal feels like to you so that when you do your monthly boob check, you know what abnormalities feel like and can seek early diagnosis. 

Become inspired, watch these guys & gals share what normal feels like to them.

Here are some visuals from CoppaFeel! which describe breasts beyond their size

Once you've stopped breastfeeding, know what normal feels like & check your breasts monthly

Show your support for such an inspiring charity and add to the new boob vocab by sharing what yours feel like. Join celebs like Fearne Cotton and tweet your word using the hashtag #whatnormalfeelslike 

Or join us in our support by buying a Sweetheart Nursing Tee £26 and we will donate £2 to CoppaFeel! 


To make a direct donation text CoppaFeel! £3 (or whatever amount you’d like to give) to 70300. 
CoppaFeel! (registered charity [1132366]) will receive 100% of your donation. You will be charged for one standard text message plus your donation. Always get the bill payer's permission. By texting us you are also telling us you want to receive updates from us about the campaign. If you want to donate, but don't want CoppaFeel! to contact you by text in the future, add the words CoppaFeel! NO INFO when texting your donation

For more info or ways to donate visit the CoppaFeel! website

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