The Family Dynamic

April 27, 2015

The Family Dynamic

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When 2 become 3, the dynamic of your relationship with your partner changes. Where once you only had each other to think of, now a tiny little person depends on you to nurture and care for them, seeing to every need as it arrises. 

Although you'll adore the little one that has turned you into a family, you will still need to find time to cherish each other beyond your roles as parents. With the responsibility and restriction of exclusively breastfeeding a newborn, you may not be able to jet away for a long weekend in Paris or spend the night at a lavish restaurant or hotel 'just-the-two-of-you'. So think about the smaller things that you can do for each other that show how much you appreciate and care for each other as a couple and as parents. 

Try these top 6 suggestions to keep the romance alive:

1. Breakfast in bed
Lie ins take on a new meaning after you’ve had children - an extra few minutes dozing can feel lush if it means you’re not the one leaping from the comfort of your warm bed to see to your baby! At the weekends, try to take it in turns to prepare breakfast in bed for each other.  It will be a welcome treat for whichever parent gets woken up a few minutes later with the surprise, even if  your baby is sandwiched in between you. 

2. Body Confidence
As mums we so often forget to prioritise ourselves, so take the occasional weekend morning to feel body confident. Have Dad take charge of baby whilst you luxuriate in a bubble bath then spend some time getting dressed, doing your hair and putting on your makeup.  You can return the favour to dad when you're next feeding baby. Take a look at our Pinterest boards to help inspire your outfit.

3. Day of adventure
Come rain or shine, why not pack up your baby essentials and head off to a local attraction like a castle, country garden, museum or aquarium. Choose one with a café so you can all enjoy a tea break when baby needs to feed. It doesn't have to be very far from home, but getting out of the house for an adventure will bring you closer as a couple and family. Follow our links below for some ideas of places to visit or see what your local tourist information centre has to offer.

National Trust for Wales, England and Northern Ireland
English Heritage for days out in England
CADW days out in Wales 
The National Trust for Scotland for attractions in Scotland
Visit Scotland  attractions to visit in Scotland 

4. Candlelit Dinner
If you can’t manage a meal out between your baby’s night feeds, then why not prepare a candlelit dinner à deux at home for when your little one has gone to sleep. Set the table in advance with nice dinnerware and candles. If you don't have time to prepare a simple meal, then serving up your favourite take away will still be just as enjoyable. If you fancy a glass of wine, then our guide to breastfeeding whilst drinking will help you make the right choice for you and baby.

5. Movie Night
No need to wait for the weekend, any night can be movie night! When your baby has drifted off to sleep for the night, dim the lighting and snuggle up on the sofa with a giant bowl of popcorn and a feel-good movie. 

6. Flexibility & compromise
Invariably and unpredictably, even the best laid plans can be hijacked by the needs of a new or breastfeeding baby, so don’t be too disheartened if plans don’t pan out as you hoped. As a new family you will need to constantly make adjustments to accommodate each other.  As a couple, remembering to share some intimacy - a smile, a touch or some tender words- will keep the romance and bond alive between you. 


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