Restorative time for mum

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Charlotte Keating

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You can't pour from an empty cup!

There are some things you can't get enough of - the soft smell of your baby's head, the gentle suckling noises as they feed, the feel of their tiny fingers gripping onto yours or watching them sleep so peacefully.

All of these smaller moments bring meaning and reward for being a mother. They ground us and fill us with love. And when we work so tirelessly to provide for them and our family, it's important to recharge our mental and emotional well being with these precious snippets - by taking the time to stop and appreciate these valuable moments.

To help maintain a healthy outlook on life and be able to give your best to your children, you must also make time to look after yourself so we've come up with five easy ways to fill up your reserves:

1. Me time
Indulge in low key pursuits which stimulate your mind and feed the soul. Reading, playing a musical instrument, drawing, sewing or completing a Sudoku puzzle are all good options when you’ve only got 20-30 mins to spare. 

2. Healthy relationships
Don't let the new arrival’s needs eclipse your own as a couple. Happy, healthy relationships thrive on spending time together so ensure you plan some activities you can enjoy together that fit in with your new lifestyle. 

3. Increase your body confidence
Be proactive about increasing your body confidence but don’t stress about weight loss. Instead take a positive approach by choosing some flattering nursing clothes and gorgeous accessories that can boost your self esteem whilst giving your body a much needed chance to recover and reshape. 

4. Exercise
Boost depleted energy levels by taking regular exercise. Choose something that you can have fun doing whether its a quiet walk in the woods with your baby in the buggy or an adult ballet class once a week. Best results will come from the enjoyment of doing it not just from the physical aspect.

5. Get more sleep
You should be aiming to have between 6-8 hours sleep a night but with a new baby, it’s not exactly something you can rely on achieving. If possible, share the night time responsibilities with your partner so you both get a stretch of good sleep. Alternatively, take the opportunity to nap during the day when your baby does - the restorative benefits of a nap will far outweigh the benefit of having put the laundry away. 

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