Top tips for celebrating Valentine's Day whilst breastfeeding

Posted on February 02, 2017 by Charlotte Keating

Valentines and breastfeeding

When two became three or more...

Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to show how much you mean to each other, beyond your roles as parents.

When you've got so many needs to meet, think about the smaller things that show how much you care and appreciate each other's support. 

Here are 5 suggestions to make the most of the day.

1. Breakfast in bed
Lie ins take on a new meaning after you’ve had children - an extra few minutes dozing can feel lush if it means you’re not the one leaping from the comfort of your warm bed to see to your baby! So celebrate the start of Valentines day with a cosy breakfast in bed even if that means baby is sandwiched between you! Whether it’s a slice of toast shaped into a heart, a croissant or a cappuccino, it’ll be a rare treat for whichever parent gets woken up a few minutes later with the surprise. 

2. Luxuriate
As mums we so often forget to prioritise ourselves, so take the opportunity to feel body confident. Have Dad take charge of baby whilst you luxuriate in a bubble bath then spend some time getting dressed, doing your hair and putting on your makeup.  You can return the favour to dad when you're next feeding baby. Inspire your Valentine's Day outfit with our top picks from our nursing wear collection. 

3. Day of adventure
Come rain or shine, why not pack up your baby essentials and head off to a local attraction like a National Trust site, museum or aquarium. Pick one within 30-40mins travel, which you can tour indoors at your leisure and has a cafe attached for a spot of tea & cake when baby needs a feed. If you feel like togging up and braving the winter chill, then you may wish to pick a falconry centre, zoo or safari park for some live entertainment or visit the snowdrop ‘Galanthus’ drifts which are appearing throughout many gardens in the UK. Getting out of the house for an adventure will bring you closer as a couple and family. Follow our links below for some ideas of places to visit or see what your local tourist information centre has to offer.

National Trust for Wales, England and Northern Ireland
English Heritage for days out in England
CADW days out in Wales 
The National Trust for Scotland for attractions in Scotland
Visit Scotland  attractions to visit in Scotland 

4. Romantic dinner
If you can’t manage a romantic dinner out, then why not prepare a candlelit dinner at home for when your little one has gone to sleep. Set the table in advance with candles or simply dim the lights and prep a sofa picnic! Then when the time is right, serve up a selection of deli bits, your favourite take away or a luxury ready-meal. The less labour intensive the meal, the more likely you’ll enjoy it! If you fancy a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion, have a read of our guide to breastfeeding whilst drinking. 

5. Movie Sesh
There's no need to spend the whole day making a 'deal' of Valentines Day if you'd rather just chill out at home together. Cuddle up on the sofa with a giant bowl of popcorn and make a movie session of it - it could even be a matinée show! Just be sure to choose a lighthearted drama or rom-com in case you’ve got an extra one snuggled in for the duration! 

Top tip
Invariably and unpredictably, even the best laid plans can be hijacked by the needs of a new or breastfeeding baby, so don’t be too disheartened if things don’t pan out as expected. Simply relax, go with the flow and remember to express how much you mean to each other - with a smile, a kiss, a meaningful look, a cuddle or by simply saying a heartfelt  ‘I love you’. Especially on Valentine’s Day, take the time to live mindfully and make every moment count with your partner. Enjoy the journey together, not just the destination.  

Love quotes
Take a look at our hand picked love quotes to inspire your Valentine's Day card message to your loved one.

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