Why wear nursing tops?

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Charlotte Keating

why wear nursing tops

Why buy nursing tops?

In the same way that you wear wellies or a swimsuit, nursing tops should be considered clothing that are 'fit for function' - stylish & practical clothing that makes breastfeeding  fuss free with easy access to the breast. 

A good style is one that is easy to throw on in the morning with a pair of jeans or be able to dress it up for a fancier occasion. It makes dressing your top half a no brainer with the peace of mind that you can easily breastfeed in it when baby needs. 

With so many styles to choose from you can turn your everyday dressing into a time that sets you up for feeling great all day. A flattering cut and easy nursing access can take the edge off those days when you're feeling a bit 'post natal' or touched out from breastfeeding endlessly. Good nursingwear should give you that uplifting boost of body confidence when you need it most. 

We've got some great styling inspiration over on our Pinterest boards so you can make the most of any of your staple nursing wear items in your wardrobe and wear them again and again looking effortlessly chic every time. 

If you're concerned about cost versus the 'limited' time you will breastfeed in it, then lets help you do some simple maths. Lets say you're feeding 6-10 times a day for 6 months, that's approximately 168 days.  So that's £30 for a top divided by 168 days = approximately 18p day. Say you only wear that top half that time because it needs to hit the laundry basket or you switch style, that's 36p a day. Say you actually breastfeed for a year - perhaps you've gone back to work after 9 months and you're still pumping during the day? That's 336 days @ 9p a day for easy stylish breastfeeding that makes you feel fabulous and confident breastfeeding wherever and whenever! Can you afford not to?? 

Need more convincing? Click on a product and read the reviews left by some very happy mums who can attest to why good nursing tops are a god send!

4 Things to look for in a Nursing Top

1) Nursing access  
Most nursing tops are equipped with a pull aside neckline or pull up section that starts under the bust or drop down clip cups on camisoles. I would be wary of zipper access and instead look for very stretchy access that will lift past your breasts and won't press against your breast and risk causing blocked ducts. Not every nursing top has access that's practical or stretchy. Here's a few of our tops demonstrating good nursing access. 

lift up nursing access  

drop clip nursing access  

2) Nursing access - the 'hole'
The best nursing tops have well place nursing access underneath the lift up panel. Ours our great because they offer plenty of space for access to the breast, are cut to fit larger nursing breast so they don't press and can be accessed single handled - simply lift up or aside and latch baby. You should be looking for cut away holes or large peep holes. Small peep holes can lead to blocked ducts if your breast is pressing against them. Some tops have fiddly overlapping panels that require two hands to separate or access somewhere under the armpits - so take a closer look and think about where you feed from.  This size peep hole is ideal - large enough, cut full enough full milk filled breasts and look where the nipple would be for feeding.... 

peep hole nursing access

3) Modesty panel
A modesty panel is she a nursing top offers a section of fabric that remains against your upper chest when accessing the breastfeeding holes. This offers a level discretion and modesty as it covers up the top of your cleavage, appearing less booby or naked when breastfeeding. 

modesty panel nursing dress modesty panel nursing top

4) Stretchy material
You're looking for a top which has at least 2% elastane content in the material composition or a knitted material that returns to it's original state after manipulating like our Pointelle Knit jersey.  Why elastane? The stretch will allow you to pull aside the nursing access without stretching the fabric irreversibly allowing it to bounce back to it's original state without looked stretched or baggy, meaning you can get the longest use out of your nursing tops. Where there's a lot of breastfeeding going on, there's a lot of pulling and tugging of the top to gain access to boobies! Good quality tops with elastane like ours will last you through this baby and the next making them well worth the pennies.  

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