Conclusion to National British Breastfeeding Week

June 27, 2014

As a nursingwear brand, it’s easy to detach ourselves from the reality of breastfeeding in a "been there, done that, designed the tshirt" sort of way. The nicest part of being involved in raising awareness for breastfeeding during National British Breastfeeding Week, has been connecting with other mums and mummy bloggers out there who have shared some of the most intimate experiences of breastfeeding and nurturing babies. And it has reaffirmed the essence of our brand & the passion that drives us to design flattering breastfeeding clothes to ensure mums can nurse with ease & confidence.

The last day of blog posts available to read in support of Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt focus on breastfeeding myths. 

There are many breastfeeding myths out there, some of which you may have developed subconsciously, some which you have read whilst researching breastfeeding and others that have been passed down through friends or relatives. You will need to navigate your way between fact "cold cabbage leaves used as a cold compress on the breast to relieve discomfort of engorgement" and fiction "my boobs are too small to breastfeed". 

You will undoubtedly face challenges and may need physical & emotional support from family, friends and health professionals to help overcome them. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Whilst it may be a natural process, it's new to both you and baby. Another perspective, practical solution or some positive encouragement could make all the difference to being successful in your breastfeeding journey.

As mums who have been through it several times, we can honestly say that breastfeeding is one of the hardest, selfless & most rewarding things we have ever done. You will need practice, experience and PATIENCE to succeed. If you've led a busy lifestyle before baby's arrival, then you may need to learn to SLOW DOWN yet multitask in a way you’ve never done before. Most importantly you will need to learn to FORGIVE yourself when you don't feel you're doing your best, because its most likely that you are doing a fabulous job.  Look at the baby youre nurturing and you should find your answer staring back at you with (doting) eyes. 
So at the end of National British Breastfeeding Week we would like to wish you all the best in your nursing journey and encourage you to treat breastfeeding as a learning curve and enjoy the ride. 
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