Best for Breastfeeding Twins - Effortless Scoop Neck Top

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Charlotte Sparks

Effortless Scoop Neck Nursing Top  £28.00

Another 'best' for breastfeeding twins. Effortlessly stylish with 3/4 sleeves, lift up nursing access and lush trim. Whether you want a little less on show or simply wish to stay warm, these tops will help you achieve that by offering full coverage for discretion whilst feeding. Gorgeously soft and warm. Machine washable 30'. Available in Pillarbox Red, Slate Navy, Jet Black and Fresh White. 

Increase your self esteem and confidence with clothes specifically designed for the purpose of breastfeeding in style. 

Here's what our customers have to say:
"After giving birth to twins I spent most days in baggy clothes. Wearing a nice top was a beginning of returning back to my usual self and so many people commented I look really great in it! Great self esteem boost!" Anon, Mother & Baby Awards tester. 

“Great for feeding twins. These tops work a treat to remain discreet when tandem feeding my twin girls. I bought three in the end as they're so fab. Highly recommend them." Louisa, Bristol 

"Love love love this top! Makes breastfeeding 'on the go' really easy and very discreet - now I can feed my little man wherever and whenever he demands it and no-one even notices. Not only is it very functional it looks great on too!" Angela, Bristol.

“Highly recommend. Had this top "with bump" and was amazingly able to use it with new baby too as the material went back to shape really well." Anon

“This was definitely one of my favourite feeding tops as I found it very easy to manipulate the top and position my baby with no difficulty. Due to the material lifting up I never felt exposed. The top is very pretty and feminine and also very comfortable to wear. It can be worn for casual or more formal occasions. It certainly made breastfeeding much more enjoyable as I felt relaxed about feeding anywhere.”
Roslynn, Aberdeenshire

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