Checking your boobs could save your life

October 22, 2014

As a breastfeeding mama, you'll be getting quite used to viewing your breasts in their new functionary role as nourishment for your baby above all else. 

You’ll be used to noting how your breasts look and feel when they are filling up, letting down, empty! or in an engorged state. You will likely know the basic signs of thrush, mastitis, blocked ducts, cracked or sore nipples to name a few common breastfeeding challenges. However if anything seems unusual or you have any any concerns about your breasts whilst breastfeeding, please consult your doctor or breastfeeding support counsellor.

And when you’ve progressed on from breastfeeding, your hormones will return to ‘normal’ and you will notice how your breasts look and feel when they no longer produce milk.  They may not look or feel the same as pre pregnancy. 

Even though your boobs will no longer be the focus of your every day,  you need to keep noticing how your breasts look and feel with regular breast checking

Here’s a visual guide from CoppaFeel! to show you what to look for:  

Spread the word amongst your friends. Encourage open discussion and boob checking within your family as they grow up. Breast checking can save lives. 
When breast cancer is diagnosed early, treatments are often more effective and survival rates are higher.  

For every one of our Sweetheart Nursing Tees sold, we will donate £2 to CoppaFeel!

Sweetheart Nursing Tee £26
Available in Coral, Lagoon Blue, Navy, Black & White.
A flattering, modern nursing tshirt with sweetheart neckline, gathered crossover bust and cap sleeves. Pull up nursing access for easy and discreet breastfeeding. Worn as a maternity top, it fits & flatters most expectant mums through to full term pregnancy. Looks gorgeous for work or play. Made from soft, supple Viscose jersey with elastane to retain it's shape. Machine washable 30'.

Help us help CoppaFeel! educate 18-30 year old female Britons, in a fun way, to check their boobs for the early signs of breast cancer with the aim of instilling a new healthy habit that could one day save their life.

Alternatively, to make a direct donation text CoppaFeel! £3 (or whatever amount you’d like to give) to 70300. 
CoppaFeel! (registered charity [1132366]) will receive 100% of your donation. You will be charged for one standard text message plus your donation. Always get the bill payer's permission. By texting us you are also telling us you want to receive updates from us about the campaign. If you want to donate, but don't want CoppaFeel! to contact you by text in the future, add the words CoppaFeel! NO INFO when texting your donation

For more info or ways to donate visit the CoppaFeel! website

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